What is the meaning of vortexes?

What is the meaning of vortexes?

1 : something that resembles a whirlpool the hellish vortex of battle — Time. 2a : a mass of fluid (such as a liquid) with a whirling or circular motion that tends to form a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle and to draw toward this cavity or vacuum bodies subject to its action especially : whirlpool, eddy.

Why is vortex important?

Vortices are an important part of turbulent flow. Vortices can otherwise be known as a circular motion of a liquid. In the cases of the absence of forces, the liquid settles. This makes the water stay still instead of moving.

How does a vortex work?

Air that rotates around an axis (like a tornado) is called a vortex. A vortex tube creates cold air and hot air by forcing compressed air through a generation chamber, which spins the air at a high rate of speed (1,000,000 rpm) into a vortex.

What are examples of vortex?

A vortex is a rotating region of fluid such as, for example, a tornado or a whirlpool. These vortices are generally created at a moving boundary due to the shear resulting from the no slip condition, but can also result from thermal circulation.

What does vortex of emotions mean?

​literarya feeling or situation that has so much power or influence over you that you feel you are not in control. vortex of: caught up in a swirling vortex of emotions.

What three things cause a vortex to form?

These “center-pulling” forces are created by a combination of air pressure, water pressure, and gravity. You can tell where the centripetal forces are greater by looking at the slope of the water. Where the water is steeper, such as at the bottom of the vortex, the centripetal force on the water is greater.

What does vena vorticosa mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of vena vorticosa. : any of the veins of the outer layer of the choroid of the eye. — called also vorticose vein.

What is the Greek word for Love in the Bible?

The Greek word for brotherly love or affection is phileo, as used to refer to friendship in John 15:19, Romans 12:10, and Hebrews 13:1. Of family or tribal love, the Hebrew word is once again ahabah, indicating a deep affection, and the Greek word is storge.

What is the origin of LoveLove?

Love originates in the Triune Godhead, within the eternal relationship that exists among the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (1 John 4:7–8). Loving is unique to the human experience of being an image-bearer of God.

How do you define love?

Answer: Love can be a challenge to define at the level of how a person experiences it. Love can involve personal affection, sexual attraction, platonic admiration, brotherly loyalty, benevolent concern, or worshipful adoration.