What is the prevailing wage in NYC?

What is the prevailing wage in NYC?

New York prevailing wage law requires contractors to pay construction workers on public construction worksites at hourly rates that are much higher than the minimum wage rates (currently $15 per hour in New York City). Below are the top ten issues to keep in mind about prevailing wage law.

How is prevailing wage calculated in NY?

The hourly value for ‘paid time off’ would be calculated as follows: hourly wage rate X 8 hours per day X total number of paid days off divided by 2080 hours. For example: $16.00 per hour wage rate X 8 hours per day = $128.00; $128.00 X 5 paid days off = $640.00; $640.00 divided by 2080 hours = $0.31 per hour.

How much does NY edge pay?

New York Edge Salaries

Job Title Salary
Counselor salaries – 6 salaries reported $34,837/yr
Tutor/Counselor salaries – 4 salaries reported $34,516/yr
Assistant Director salaries – 3 salaries reported $58,683/yr
STEM Specialist salaries – 3 salaries reported $46,946/yr

What is the pay scale for Local 24?

Sheet Metal Worker apprentices earn a starting rate, on average, of over $13.50 per hour and receive wage increases each year in the apprenticeship program to well over $20 per hour. Journeymen earn more than $25 per hour, which is more than in the non-union industry.

Why have a prevailing wage?

Prevailing wage laws can ensure that government dollars do not undercut local wage and benefit standards, prevent a race to the bottom among publicly funded contractors, support good jobs, and provide good value to taxpayers.

What is the salary of a Local 3 electrician?

The typical IBEW Local 3 Electrician salary is $125,463 per year. Electrician salaries at IBEW Local 3 can range from $80,000 – $126,080 per year.

What does Level 2 wage mean?

H1B Wage Level 2 – Qualified: This wage level is for qualified workers with education, experience and who can perform moderate tasks with limited judgment. This wage level corresponds to 34th percentile.

What is the prevailing wage schedule for New York City?

The Prevailing Wage Schedule is issued annually for building service employees by the New York City Comptroller’s Office.

How often are prevailing wage and Living Wage schedules published?

The Bureau of Labor Law publishes Prevailing Wage and Living Wage schedules annually, pursuant to Labor Law Articles Eight and Nine and New York City Administrative Code §§ 6-109, 6-130 and 6-134.

What is prevailing wage?

Prevailing wage is the wage and benefit rate set annually by the New York City Comptroller for each trade or occupation for employers performing public works projects and building service work on New York City government-funded work sites.

What is a wage schedule for building service contracts?

Article 9 covers building service contracts We issue wage schedules on a county-by-county basis. They contain the pay rates for each work classification. Under State law, all contracts between a government entity and a contractor must contain these schedules.