What is the Signet 9900 transmitter?

What is the Signet 9900 transmitter?

The 9900 Transmitter, a member of Signet’s line of SmartPro®instruments, provides a single-channel interface for all Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Batch and other applications. The 9900 is available in either Panel or Field Mount.

Can the 9900 transmitter be used as a batch controller?

The 9900 Transmitter can also be used as a Batch Controller when a Batch Module is installed. New in Generation IV: view pH/ORP sensor calibration and sensor usage information stored at the sensor.

How do I set the pressure sensor on my 9900 transmitter?

9900 Transmitter39 PRESSURE Setup Checklist 1. Make sure PRESSURE sensor type is selected (see System Setup Menu, page 25). 2. If LOOP is used, set the minimum and maximum 4 to 20 mA setpoints. 3. Set Units of Measurement (PSI, BAR, KPa).

How do I install plug-in modules for the 9900 base unit?

If the 9900 Base Unit will be mounted using the accessory wall mount kit (3-9900.392), install plug-in modules fi rst. If the Direct Conductivity/Resistivity Module will be included in your unit, install the H COMM module fi rst and then install Conductivity/Resistivity Module over the H COMM Module.

How do I enter an input string on a 9900 transmitter41?

9900 Transmitter41 INPUT Menu Enter 13-character string (optional). Default = LEVEL/VOLUME. Select between Level or Volume. Default = LVL.

Can I use a third party signal converter with the 9900 transmitter?

The 9900 Transmitter, also allows third-party 4 to 20 mA signals to be used as an input (optional Signet 8058 i-Go®Signal Converter required, sold separately). Your new Signet 9900 Transmitter needs to be calibrated and the sensor needs to be initialized prior to use.

How do I set the salinity setting on my 489900 transmitter?

489900 Transmitter INPUT Menu Enter string up to 13 characters (optional). Default = DISSOLVED O2. Set the units of measurement: PPM = DO in mg/L; %SAT = DO % saturation; TOR = Oxygen partial pressure. Default = PPM. Manually set Salinity value to match application Salinity (0 – 42 PSU). Units in Practical Salinity Unit (PSU).