What is the theme of Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 2?

What is the theme of Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 2?

Theme. In this scene, there are two different themes that are expressed through Juliet and the nurse. Both the nurse and Juliet express the theme of both love and hate. Juliet shows love because even though Romeo has done bad things and was banished, she still forgave him because he had his reasons for killing Tybalt.

What is the purpose of Juliet’s soliloquy in Act 3 Scene 2?

The soliloquy serves to illustrate Juliet’s desire and to create a sense of calm before Juliet’s happy mood is shattered by the Nurse’s news of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s hand in it. This speech is one in which Juliet is anxiously awaiting Romeo’s arrival.

What happens in Act 3 Scene 2 in Romeo and Juliet?

Summary: Act 3, scene 2 Suddenly the Nurse rushes in with news of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt. Juliet assumes Romeo has killed himself, and she resigns to die herself. The Nurse then begins to moan about Tybalt’s death, and Juliet briefly fears that both Romeo and Tybalt are dead.

Why does Juliet use so many oxymorons Act 3 Scene 2?

In act 3, scene 2, Juliet uses so many oxymorons because she has just heard that Romeo has killed her beloved cousin Tybalt.

What is Juliet scared of?

She is afraid that the friar has really given her poison which will really kill her so he won’t have to reveal that he married her to Romeo. She is afraid that she will wake up too early and be unable to breathe and waking up in a tomb will be so scary that it will drive her crazy.

What 4 things does Juliet fear?

Terms in this set (6)

  • -drink may not work.
  • What if the drink does not work?
  • What if the drink is actual poison because Friar Lawrence does not want to be responsible for the sacrilege?
  • What if I suffocate in the tomb?
  • What if I wake up too early and I’m alone with ghosts (dead bodies) and I start going crazy?