What is the torque for camshaft bolts?

What is the torque for camshaft bolts?

Torque the bolts in 2-3 steps to 125 inch lbs. (14 Nm) in the proper sequence. New camshaft seal by lubricating it with engine oil.

What is a main cap bolt?

Bolts used for fastening bearing caps, they ensure correct operation of the engine crankshaft.

How can you make sure the camshaft caps are installed correctly?

The caps must be installed in the correct order, the EXHAUST side is always 1-5 (5 at the rear) and the INTAKE is always 6-10 (10 at the rear). Once installed and torqued your camshafts MUST spin smoothly by hand.

Can you replace main caps?

There are aftermarket options to replace stock main caps and processes for correctly installing these improved main caps, so your engine keeps on rotating. A rotating engine is a good thing, where one with the inside parts on the outside is a bad thing. Decent aftermarket main caps can keep bad things from happening.

What are main bearing caps?

Bearing caps contain the main bearings of an engine’s crankshaft. As part of their required processing, bearing caps must undergo a tough splitting operation, requiring strong and stable operations. Tooling for bearing cap machining is highly complex and often custom in nature.

Why is it important to mark the camshaft bearing caps or verify their markings and direction prior to removal?

Remove the timing belt and the camshaft sprockets. Turn the camshafts so the knock pins are aligned with the marks on the camshaft caps. This will reduce the pressure on the hydraulic lifters. Note the markings on the camshaft caps prior to removal, so they can be reinstalled in the same positions.

Do you install cam bearings dry?

The cam bearings must feature a dry installation at the block’s cam bores. Schaerer also says to make sure you have the proper tools for installing the cam bearings. For example, he recommends using a dedicated cam bearing driver tool, which is available from any engine specialty tool supplier.