What is the Washington County non-emergency number?

What is the Washington County non-emergency number?

For our non-emergency dispatch, please call 503-629-0111. All other inquiries can expect a response within 72 hours.

How do I file a police report in Washington County MN?

Local Police Departments and State Patrol

  1. Bayport Police Department: 651-275-4400.
  2. Cottage Grove Police Department: 651-458-2850.
  3. Forest Lake Police Department: 651-464-5877.
  4. Oak Park Heights Police Department: 651-439-4723.
  5. Oakdale Police Department: 651-738-1025.
  6. Saint Paul Park Police Department: 651-459-9785.

What is the police number in Oregon?

The non-emergency number is 503-823-3333. Officers there will help you file a police report by mail and by phone. This number handles jurisdictions within the metro area, and is a 24-hour number.

How do I get a police report from Washington County Oregon?

For a criminal history check for the entire state of Oregon, please visit the Oregon State Police website or call 503-378-3070.

Can you text 911 in Washington County Oregon?

Text-to-911 is now available in Washington County and Clackamas County, and several others nearby.

How do I get a police report in Minnesota?

In most instances, any member of the public can go to the main office of the county sheriff or city police department to make a request for an incident report. Many agencies will have information about this process posted within their office or on their Web site, or have a brochure available.

How do I contact the Oregon State Police?

Oregon State Police (OSP)

Are there police in Oregon?

The Oregon State Police (OSP) is a multi-disciplined organization charged with protecting the people, wildlife, and natural resources in Oregon.

How do I file a police report in Hillsboro Oregon?

If your incident type is not listed below or does not meet the requirements, please call non-emergency dispatch at 503-629-0111 to file a report.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Washington County Oregon?

For Family Law, Divorce, and other court records or needs call the courthouse at 503-846-8888.

Can I request information from the police?

The Data Protection Act 2018 gives you the right to ask if the police holds, or is processing, any personal data about you. This is called the right of access and is commonly known as making a subject access request or SAR. To make a subject access request, visit our Request information about myself or others page.

Should I report car accident to police?

You must report the collision to the police if you were unable to exchange details at the scene, if anyone was injured, or if you suspect that the other person may have committed a driving offence.