What is Visa Infinite Singapore?

What is Visa Infinite Singapore?

Visa Infinite Concierge Visa Concierge is a 24/7 digital personal assistant and lifestyle guide, giving you access to extraordinary experiences and exclusive privileges. Curate adventures from the palm of your hand, with the newly upgraded Visa Concierge.

Is Visa Infinite Concierge free?

The Visa Infinite concierge is a free personal assistance phone line available 24/7: (888) 853-4458 in the U.S. or (630) 350-4545 if you’re traveling abroad. The Visa Infinite concierge can help you do things like book restaurant reservations, select gifts or obtain event tickets right when they go on sale.

What cards are considered Visa Infinite?

There are three noteworthy Visa Infinite credit cards issued in the United States — the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, the UBS Visa Infinite Credit Card and the Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card. All cards come with high annual fees and are intended for high net-worth individuals who travel often.

Which is better Visa Infinite or Signature?

Visa Infinite is the highest tier you can get and comes with all of the benefits from Traditional and Signature. Many of the Visa Infinite perks offer higher levels of protection compared to the Visa Signature version of the benefits.

How do you qualify for Visa Infinite card?

For a Visa Infinite credit card, in order to qualify, you need an income of at least $60,000 personal or $100,000 household. For Visa Infinite Privilege, the income requirements are $200,000 for either personal or household, at least double the Visa Infinite requirements.

What is a Visa Infinite credit card?

Visa Infinite – Credit card – Visa Infinite is designed to meet the requirements of a select group of upscale consumers, provides unparalleled services and benefits, allows cardholders to fully enjoy their activities and travel with total freedom, confidence and peace of mind. Visa Infinite Global Visa Sites

How do I contact Visa Infinite customer service?

For your banking and credit card transactions and enquiries, call our 24-hour Priority Banking Service Line at 1800 846 8000 (in Singapore) or +65 68468000 (Overseas). 24 hours Visa Infinite Concierge Service The Visa Infinite Concierge is contactable at 1800 823 2049 (in Singapore) or +65 6823 2049 (Overseas) 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Are Staycations available at Mandarin Oriental Singapore?

Due to Mandarin Oriental, Singapore’s status as a Stay-Home Notice Dedicated Facility (SDF), staycations will only be available from 26 February 2022, subject to further notice. Vouchers can still be used for dining and spa services.

What happens if I Lose my Visa Infinite card?

Your Visa Infinite card is accepted at tens of millions of merchants worldwide. If you have lost your Visa card, we can help block your account, send a replacement card and provide emergency cash. Get cash when you need it. Your Visa Infinite card is accepted at over 1.9 million ATM locations worldwide.