What is visiting teaching?

What is visiting teaching?

The Purpose of Visiting Teaching Is to Minister. How do we minister? Pray daily for [the sister you visit] and her family. Seek inspiration to know her and her family. Visit her regularly to learn how she is doing and to comfort and strengthen her.

What is visiting teaching called now?

Article Highlights. Ministering replaces home teaching and visiting teaching. Ministering is Christlike caring for others and helping meet their spiritual and temporal needs. Ministering better focuses members’ efforts to minister as the Savior did.

What is the difference between visiting teaching and ministering?

Ministering is similar to home teaching and visiting teaching in that each household will have priesthood holders assigned to it and each adult sister will have members of the Relief Society assigned to her, but formal visits are no longer required.

When did the visiting teaching program start?

The committee’s job was to visit stake conferences and promote the new program in preparation for launch in January 1964. On May 15, 1963, President David O.

When did the visiting teaching program begin?

What is a home teaching companion?

Mormon home teachers are men who, working in pairs, visit assigned families in their congregation at least once each month to teach and help them. Visiting teachers are women who, also working in companionships, do the same but with other women.

What is Mormon home teaching?

When did home teaching end?

During the church’s April 2018 general conference, church president Russell M. Nelson announced the retirement of home teaching and visiting teaching and its replacement with “a newer, holier approach” called ministering.

What does it mean to be a visiting teacher?

“Visiting teachers sincerely come to know and love each sister, help her strengthen her faith, and give service. They seek personal inspiration to know how to respond to the spiritual and temporal needs of each sister they are assigned to visit. …

Why do we assign women to do visiting teaching?

“By assigning our women to do visiting teaching, we give them the opportunity to develop the pure love of Christ, which can be the greatest blessing of their lives” (Barbara Winder, in Daughters in My Kingdom, page 120 ). “The Relief Society presidency or those who are called to assist them receive monthly reports from visiting teachers.

What is the role of visiting teachers in family history?

“A heavenly record is kept of the work of Relief Society sisters as they reach out to those whose hearts have grown cold and who need faith, kindness, good works, and good words” ( Daughters in My Kingdom, page 83 ). Visiting teachers can encourage participating in family history.

What does the presidency do with visiting teachers?

In addition [to receiving monthly visiting teaching reports], presidency members meet with visiting teachers regularly to discuss sisters’ spiritual and temporal welfare and to make plans to help those in need” ( Handbook 2, 9.5.4; emphasis added). Did you watch over and care for [Mary]?