What kind of paint does Alexa Meade use?

What kind of paint does Alexa Meade use?

The canvas is actually human skin, and the model has been encased in acrylic paint to create a ‘3D’ take on a classic style.

What does Alexa Meade do?

Alexa Meade (born 1986) is an American installation artist best known for her portraits painted directly onto the human body and inanimate objects in a way that collapses depth and makes her models appear two-dimensional when photographed.

What did Alexa Meade study in college?

Alexa Meade: I grew up in Washington D.C. I was interested in politics and I studied Political Science in the college. I also interned in Capital Hill and worked for the Obama campaign in Colorado in 2008 as a press staffer.

What media does Alexa Meade use?

PhotographyInstallation art
Alexa Meade/Forms

How old is Alexa Meade?

35 years (September 3, 1986)Alexa Meade / Age

Where was Alexa Meade born?

Washington, D.C.Alexa Meade / Place of birth

What does Alexa Meade’s art look like?

This opens in a new window. Alexa Meade paints on the human body and three-dimensional spaces, creating the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional painting. “Alexa Meade’s work may look like something you would see hanging on the wall in an art gallery, but Meade isn’t like any other artist.

How can I contact Alexa Meade?

Please contact [email protected] for details. Alexa Meade’s paintings wander through train cars among astonished onlookers, inhabit abstract geometrical dimensions, loiter in graffiti-strewn alleys as a living embodiment street art, or even bathe in a swimming pool filled with milk while the paint beautifully melts and swirls off the body.

Where can I see Alexa’s art?

Within the art world, Alexa’s art has been exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London, The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in DC, Postmasters Gallery in NYC, and Galerie Ivo Kamm in Zurich, Galerie Ingo Seufert in Germany, and Galerie Edouard Mazel in Brussels.

Who is Alexa and why is she so popular?

With profound pop cultural relevance, Alexa’s art has been upvoted to the #1 position on the Front Page of Reddit. She has been commissioned by Apple, BMW, and Sony. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Alexa teamed up with LEGO as a Master Builder for their “Rebuild the World” campaign.