What moves are banned in Smogon?

What moves are banned in Smogon?

Banned Items

  • Brightpowder.
  • Lax Incense.
  • Soul Dew.

What does OU mean in Smogon?

OverUsed. OverUsed, or OU, is Smogon’s standard tier. The highest level of play is generally seen in this tier, and it is the basis for all other tiers. The most powerful Pokémon are banned from this tier up to Ubers. Pokémon cannot rise from OU to Ubers based on usage.

Why was Garchomp banned OU?

The sheer luck and uncompetitiveness of Sand Veil caused Garchomp to be banned with Rough Skin not out quite yet. A Sand Stream ban was on the table for this reason but Garchomp itself was banned instead.

Is Greninja banned in OU?

At the end of the day, Greninja was banned by roughly an 80% majority and made history as the second starter to be banned from OU.

Is baton pass banned in OU?

After a series of long discussions, the BW OU council has concluded that we will ban the move Baton Pass from BW OU.

Is there Uber above OU?

Smogon has established five clearly defined tiers. Metagames restricted to a particular tier automatically include Pokemon from lower tiers. In practice, this means that in OU play, Pokemon from the BL, UU, RU, and NU tiers are allowed to participate, but Ubers are not.

Is Dracovish banned?

Announcement Dracovish is now banned from Monotype.

Is sheer cold banned?

One-hit KO clause: Fissure, Horn Drill, Guillotine, and Sheer Cold are banned.

Why is scraggy banned?

A lack of reputable offensive checks is a noticeable change, as the best answer to Scraggy was recently banned. Fighting-types have always been pseudo-mandatory, but these Pokemon are unreliable in completely removing Scraggy, at best forcing the Pokemon out.

What does zu mean in Pokémon?

ZU stands for Zero Used, as on it gets used in zero tiers. ZU is the same thing as Untiered, and is just a metagame for Untiered pokemon.

What is the most used Pokémon in OU?

Weather War meta is also becoming more common as Torkoal and Hippowdon have both entered the OU tier, and Pelliper has risen into the Top 30 in usage over the last month….Overused.

Rank Pokémon Usage Percentage
1 Dragapult 39.21 percent
2 Clefable 34.02 percent
3 Corviknight 30.98 percent
4 Excadrill 22.39 percent

Is Mega rayquaza banned in Ubers?

Mega Rayquaza was at a completely different level than the whole metagame, stronger than even Arceus, the God and creator Himself. Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when Mega Rayquaza was banned from Ubers.

Why is Darmanitan banned?

The main points against the ban were it having very low defensive stats and a clear weakness to entry hazards like Stealth Rocks, but both of those weaknesses become nullified if it can just survive long enough to kill two Pokémon.