What movie is the song I cross my heart from?

What movie is the song I cross my heart from?

Pure CountryI Cross My Heart / Movie

Who wrote the song Cross My Heart by George Strait?

Steve DorffEric Kaz
I Cross My Heart/Composers

Was George Strait in a movie?

Pure Country1992Pure Country 2: The Gift2010The Soldier1982Tennessee Whiskey: The Dean…2017Grand Champion2002The Hee Haw Collection…1976
George Strait/Movies

Why didn’t George Strait song I cross my heart?

“I Cross My Heart” was not originally written for the Pure Country movie or even for George Strait. In fact, it was penned by Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz ten years before it was released by Strait. Dorff told The Tennessean that he and Kaz originally imagined the song with a Boyz II Men-type groove.

What happened to George Strait’s daughter?

Strait and his family were struck with tragedy when his 13-year-old daughter, Jenifer, was killed in a one-car, alcohol-unrelated accident in 1986. She was riding in a Ford Mustang driven by Gregory Wilson Allen, 18, of Staples, Texas.

What is the meaning of I cross my heart?

telling the truth
Definition of cross my heart —used to stress that one is telling the truth and will do what he or she promises I’ll clean my room tomorrow—cross my heart.

How old was George Strait when he met his wife?

“So I was 19 years old,” Strait said from the stage as the camera panned to Norma, who smiled in amusement from her box seat. “And I knew this girl, Norma. She was 17, really hot. So we fell in love.”

When did George Strait come out with cross my heart?

1992I Cross My Heart / Released

What is George Strait’s newest song?

George Strait’s Video for “The Weight Of The Badge” Carries a Heavy Message. In honor of First Responders Day this past week (October 28th), George Strait released a very powerful new video for his song “The Weight Of The Badge” – which was one of the 13-tracks included on his 2019 album Honky Tonk Time Machine.