What new animal is coming to Animal Jam?

What new animal is coming to Animal Jam?

Bat-Eared Foxes have arrived in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop! Get decked out in full color with the Bold Bat-Eared Fox Bundle!

Did Bepper quit Animal Jam?

As of the release of this article, Bepper has not quit! She continues to make Animal Jam (Classic) videos as well as occasional Fer.al content.

What is the biggest den in Animal Jam 2020?

The biggest den known to Animal Jam so far, has been released. It is called, the Crystal Palace.

Are coyotes coming back to Animal Jam?

It was removed from the Diamond Shop in June 2018. It returned on October 17, 2019, but left on November 17, 2021.

How many players does Animal Jam have?

130 million registered
It was launched in 2010, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. As of late 2020, there were 3.3 million monthly active users and a lifetime total of 130 million registered players in 200 countries across both Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam.

Are hyenas coming back to Ajpw?

They came back again in October 2019 as part of the Dark Moon Bundle.

How many alphas are there in AJ?

seven Alphas
There are currently seven Alphas who have the sworn duty of watching over Jamaa: Liza the panda, Cosmo the koala, Graham the monkey, Sir Gilbert the tiger, Peck the rabbit, Greely the wolf, and Tavie the Dolphin. Each Alpha has different abilities and characteristics!

How do you get a Jambassador plaque?

The Jambassador Plaque is a non-member den item that was released sometime during 2016 as an award to the Jammers that were invited to the 2016 VidCon by AJHQ, as well as anyone that was invited to visit the WildWorks/AJHQ headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What age is Fer Al for?

Unfortunately, due to COPPA, Fer.al is only for players who are 13 years of age or older.

Who created Fer Al?

Feral is an open-world, virtual, multi-player game created by WildWorks about a reality show for mythological creatures. In this game, players are able to create their own fantasy animals and complete Quests, play Minigames, explore Realms, and much more.