What Pokemon can you catch on Route 104 in Alpha Sapphire?

What Pokemon can you catch on Route 104 in Alpha Sapphire?

Route 104

Pokemon Area Version(s)
Wurmple.jpg Wurmple Grass Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Taillow.jpg Taillow Grass Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Wingull.jpg Wingull Grass Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Wingull.jpg Wingull Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

How do you evolve Feebas into Milotic in Alpha Sapphire?

Feebas also has a rather unique method to evolve into its final evolution, in fact it has two of them. First, if you attach a Prism Scale, which in Generation VI is only available in X & Y, to Feebas and trade it, it will evolve into Milotic.

Where can I find Swampertite?

The player can obtain the Swampertite by completing Mission Card 18. The Swampertite was also available as a prize during the Mega Swampert Competitive Stage.

What HM’s do you need for Victory Road Alpha Sapphire?

Victory Road is a multi-level cave in eastern Hoenn. It connects Ever Grande City in the south with the Pokemon League in the north. You will need a Pokemon with Surf and Strength to get through this area.

What Pokémon are found on Route 104 Emerald?

Generation III

Pokémon Games Levels
Wingull R 10-30
Pelipper R 25-30
Magikarp R 5-10

Does it matter what level I evolve Feebas?

To evolve Feebas into Milotic you need to trade Feebas whilst it is holding a Prism Scale. There’s no level requirement, so find a friend and ensure you’ve got a Pokemon to swap it back for.

Can you evolve Feebas without Pamtre berry?

The Berries in the first group won’t do any good, so do not use them for evolving Feebas. The Berries in the second group are all good for evolving Feebas, though Pamtre Berry (3rd group) is definately the best Berry to use for this cause. Your PokeBlocks should be at Level 23 or above.

How do I get blaziken mega stone?

For a Pokemon to Mega Evolve, you must give a specific Mega Stone to the Pokemon….Mega Stones.

Mega Stone Use On Locations
Blazikenite Blaziken Given by Steven on Route 120 if Torchic was your starter. If not, it can be purchased on Route 114 after the legendary battle in Sootopolis. Tell the man you want to buy Fading Fires.

Do you need rock smash for Victory Road Oras?

Players will need Strength, Rock Smash, and Surf to make their way through the cave. Flash and Waterfall, while not required, make traversing the cave easier. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Victory Road’s B1F has two exits to Ever Grande City outside, one of which leads to an area where TM29 (Psychic) can be found.

How many dry Poffins does it take to evolve Feebas?

You will need to make about 10 of them. Use x1 Chesto Berry and x1 Razz Berry to create a Dry Poffin. Then, feed these to your Feebas. Its Beauty will increase due to this.