What race is at Phillip Island?

What race is at Phillip Island?

The Cape Aquathon is an exciting swim race and is also a part of the Bass Coast Series. Together with the Cowes Classic, Phillip Island Penguin Swim Classic, and the Channel Challenge, this race is one of the most…

How long is the Phillip Island GP circuit?

3.312 miles
Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

Modern Grand Prix Circuit (1988–present)
Surface Gravel
Length 5.330 km (3.312 miles)
Turns 4
Road Course (1928–1935)

Who owns Phillip Island race track?

Placetac Pty Ltd
In 1985 Phillip Island Circuit purchased by Placetac Pty Ltd, with the view to re-introducing racing to the famous facility. Then Wayne Gardner burst on to the international motorcycle scene, winning the 500cc world championship in 1987.

Does Lindsay Fox own Phillip Island?

Holden’s secret test track could be bought by transport magnate Lindsay Fox, who also owns Phillip Island Raceway and the Anglesea car-testing facility.

What is the postcode for Phillip Island?

Phillip Island has been one of Victoria’s most popular tourist destinations for years. From the MotoGP to the penguin parade, here’s a look at postcode 3922.

Why is Cowes called Cowes?

The name was subsequently transferred to fortifications built during the reign of Henry VIII on the east and west banks of the river to dispel a French invasion, referred to as cowforts or cowes. They subsequently gave their names to the towns of Cowes and East Cowes, replacing the earlier name of Shamblord.

How deep is the water around Phillip Island?

180–240 feet
Its maximum width is 150 miles (240 km), and its depth is 180–240 feet (50–70 m). King Island and the Indian Ocean lie at its western extremity, and the Furneaux Group is at its eastern end. Banks Strait is the southeastern opening to the Tasman Sea.

How do you get to Phillip Island MotoGP?

If you are travelling by motorcycle or car from Melbourne, access to the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is:

  1. via Citylink or Eastlink tollways.
  2. Monash Freeway.
  3. South Gippsland Highway.
  4. Bass Highway to Anderson.
  5. Phillip Island Tourist Road across to Phillip Island.

How much is the Fox family worth?

To put the donation into perspective, Forbes estimates Mr Fox’s net worth as $2.9 billion. The Fox family is behind Australia’s biggest private logistics company Linfox, which has more than 5,000 trucks across 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific. The new gallery will be built in the Melbourne Arts Precinct at Southbank.