What school district is Plymouth MI?

What school district is Plymouth MI?

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

District Name: Plymouth-Canton Community Schools schools for this district NCES District ID: 2628560
Mailing Address: 454 South Harvey St Plymouth, MI 48170-1717 Physical Address: 454 South Harvey St Plymouth, MI 48170-1717
Type: Local school district Status: Open

Is Plymouth-Canton school of choice?

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools requires individuals to be legal residents of the District or accepted through School of Choice 105 or 105c for determining eligibility to attend the schools of this District.

Why are schools closing in Michigan?

Schools in Michigan and across the country are closing, sometimes abruptly, as COVID infections and staff shortages converge into crises. Now Michigan superintendents are worried about meeting the required 180 days and 1,098 hours of instruction required for their full allocations of state funding.

Is Canton Michigan school of choice?

Are Plymouth Canton schools school of choice?

Why choose Plymouth-Canton Community Schools?

Growing, innovative, customer-driven and competitive describes the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

What are the high schools in Plymouth MI?

Pioneer Middle School 46081 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170 20. West Middle School 44401 W. Ann Arbor Trl., Plymouth, MI 48170 21. Canton High School 8415 Canton Center Rd., Canton, MI 48187 22. Plymouth High School 8400 Beck Rd., Canton, MI 48187 23. Salem High School 46181 Joy Rd., Canton, MI 48187

Where are the alternative schools in Plymouth MI?

Starkweather Academy Alternative 39750 Joy Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170 1. Allen Early Learning Center, 11100 Haggerty Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170

Where are the early education centers in Plymouth MI?

Allen Early Learning Center (see below for programs) 2. Bentley 1100 Sheldon Rd., Canton, MI 48188 3. Bird 220 Sheldon Rd., Plymouth, MI 48170 4. Dodson 205 N. Beck Rd., Canton, MI 48187