What sizes do Tena pants come in?

What sizes do Tena pants come in?

Tena Pants Normal Sizes (Based on Hip sizes)

Size Imperial Metric
Small 26″ – 34″ 65cm – 85cm
Medium 32″ – 42″ 80cm – 110cm
Large 40″ – 53″ 100cm – 135cm
Extra Large 46″ – 62″ 120cm – 160cm

What is the difference between Tena pants and Tena ProSkin pants?

TENA Pants Super are soft and comfortable incontinence pants designed for women and men, great for both day and night. Unlike standard adult diapers, TENA ProSkin Pants have advanced moisture-reducing technologies to ensure dryness, leakage security and odour control.

How often should you change Tena pants?

Generally speaking, 3-5 changes per day is about right. But this may vary, depending on factors like the condition of your skin, the amount of leakage you experience, and the kind of male incontinence product you’re using.

Can you reuse TENA Lady pants?

TENA’s fixation pants have a stretchy unisex design to minimise pressure points, yet a reliable fixation and a great fit. To maximise the usage of the reusable fixation pants, they can all be washed at 60 degrees and tumble-dried on low to medium heat. Doing so, they can be worn again and again without losing shape.

How should TENA pants fit?

A product in the right size, and with the right fit, should attach securely and be snug in the groin. Remember, when fitting an incontinence product, that a bigger product is not necessarily more absorbent. The risk of leaks may actually increase if, for example, the leg area of a pant product isn’t snug enough.

Are TENA pants unisex?

TENA Pants Plus Classic are soft and comfortable incontinence pants with unisex design and moisture-reducing technologies to ensure high levels of absorbency, leakage security and odour control. With a pull-up fit just like underwear, TENA ProSkin Pants are ideal for mobile and semi-mobile people.

Are incontinence pants better than pads?

If you have daytime incontinence [or urinary incontinence] and you need to wear full-on underwear, then you are better off choosing a pad. If you are someone who needs to wear diapers at all times on top of a pad, then you are better off going for an underwear incontinence suit.

How much liquid can TENA pants hold?

As a general rule, Working Absorbency is 30-50% of the ISO Total Absorbency. For example, and ISO capacity of 1000ml may have working capacity of 300-500ml.

How should Tena pants fit?

How do I know what size adult diapers to get?

The simplest and most accurate way to determine which size is best for the incontinent person is to measure from the middle of the hip bone across the front to the middle of the adjacent hip bone and then double the measurement. Then match this to the waist size to determine which size is best.

Can you pee in Tena pants?

TENA Pants Maxi are white, soft and comfortable, disposable incontinence pants for men and women with pull up fit just like regular underwear. With a close body-fit and textile like, breathable materials they are designed for soft comfort.

How much liquid can Tena pants hold?

Can you pee in TENA pants?

How long do TENA pants last?

You can continue to use the underwear as long as you like. The safety of the product is not affected with extended use, though we only guarantee functionality through 50 washes at 40°C.

How do you fit incontinence pants?

If it is an all in one or pant product, place it so that the product reaches the hips. If it is an incontinence slip or belted pad, fasten the product so it fits snugly around the waist and legs. You will find either fixation tapes or a belt for fastening.