What song does Captain Hook sing in Shrek 2?

What song does Captain Hook sing in Shrek 2?

Little Drop of Poison
“Little Drop of Poison” is a song Captain Hook sang in Shrek 2, originally performed by Tom Waits.

Was Tom Waits in Shrek 2?

Tom Waits (born December 7, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, composer and actor. He voiced Captain Hook alongside Nick Cave in Shrek 2. His song “Little Drop of Poison” was used, with the original vocals in tact.

Are you kidding his face Shrek?

Donkey : I mean, how good looking could this Prince Charming guy be anyway? The Ugly Stepsister : Are you kiddin’? He’s gorgeous! His face looks like it was carved by angels.

What song does Captain Hook play on the piano?

Shrek 2. It first appears in Shrek 2, when Hook was singing Little Drop of Poison. It later appears when Shrek goes to the pub and Hook sings People Ain’t No Good.

Who picked music for Shrek 2?

Harry Gregson-Williams
Harry Gregson-Williams composed a solo soundtrack to Shrek 2. US Billboard 200 ranked it 8th and US Soundtracks (Billboard) placed it 1st in both rankings.

Does Shrek have a good soundtrack?

Why Does Shrek Have Such A Good Soundtrack? In addition to all its charm, the franchise has a very substantial theme of music, much more so than its peers like Ice Age. While the music never felt too corny, it was a natural extension of the movie, adding significant depth and imagination to the experience.

Does Captain Hook play the piano?

Captain Hook appears briefly in the animated film Shrek 2, as the piano player in a tavern, and in the karaoke scene at the end, sings “Hooked on a Feeling”.

Why is hallelujah in Shrek?

John Cale’s version of the song was used in Shrek The producers said at the time that they used Hallelujah after testing out dozens of other sad songs for the scene, none of which worked. But Carmarthenshire singer John Cale’s version wasn’t included on the soundtrack.