What song made Jenni Rivera famous?

What song made Jenni Rivera famous?

She signed with the label Fonovisa, and this up-and-comer’s first record, “Que Me Entierren con la Banda,” was a hit. The Spanish-singing Rivera soon became known to a growing fan base as “La Diva de la Banda.”

What song did Jenni Rivera sing before death?

It’s strange how people who are not afraid to sing about their death, are those who end up leaving first, just like how Jenni Rivera did with her song titled “Cuando muere una dama” (When a Lady Dies).

Who has covered Cher songs?

Covers by Cher

Title Performer Originally by
After All Cher Cher and Peter Cetera
A House Is Not a Home Cher Brook Benton
Alfie Chér Cilla Black
All I Really Want to Do Cher Bob Dylan

What was Jenni Rivera biggest hit?

Jenni Rivera’s greatest U.S. hits

  • Ahora Que Estuviste Lejos (2008) Wistful mariachi horns set the tone for this hit from 2007’s Mi Vida Loca album, a concept album whose songs are as autobiographical as the title would suggest.
  • Inolvidable (2008)
  • De Contrabando (2006)
  • Basta Ya (2011)
  • Culpable O Inocete (2008)

Who wrote de contrabando?

Joan SebastianDe contrabando / Composer

Who did Jenni Rivera hologram?

According to Billboard, Juan Rivera, Jenni’s younger brother, took the stage to reveal the hologram. He nervously introduced his sister, who became the first regional Mexican singer and Latin artist to have a hologram.

How many ABBA songs did Cher cover?

Gimmie!” Cher offers a very deliberate, 10-track collection of classic ABBA songs, including “Waterloo,” ″Mamma Mia” and “SOS.” Inexplicably, she returns to “Fernando” for another swing, having already supplied a version for the film’s soundtrack.

What song did Jenni Rivera wrote about Juan Lopez?

La Gran Señora
Genre Mariachi
Length 44:55
Language Spanish
Label Fonovisa

How do you say contrabando in English?


  1. illicit trade, the ~ Noun.
  2. smuggling, the ~ Noun.
  3. contraband trade, the ~ Noun.

When did de contrabando come out?

2005De contrabando / Released

Does Cher own ABBA?

Cher and ABBA, two icons of 1970s pop music, collided when Cher appeared in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and performed ABBA covers.

What are the best songs ever recorded by Jenni Rivera?

Just like many of her songs, “Detras De Mi Ventana” is another call for women to stand up against oppression and social conventionalism. The song offers a powerful reflection that questions a senseless life. This is definitely one of the best songs ever recorded by Jenni Rivera. 4. “Por Que No Le Calas”

What kind of song is Jenni Rivera singing in Playa Larga?

This tender ballad is a Joan Sebastian cover, but Rivera sneaks in some oldies-but-goodies vocal flourishes, a callback to her “Playa Larga” roots. One of her biggest hits. Jenni tasted freedom after her guy left her…and loved it.

What happened to Jenni Rivera?

Five years ago next week, Mexican regional music superstar Jenni Rivera tragically died in a plane crash following a concert in Monterrey. While her fans have rightfully mourned ever since, the biggest tragedy was that Rivera was just about to go big-time.

What is Jenni Rivera’s song Por Que No Le Calas?

Jenni Rivera was a talented artist capable of embracing different sounds within the Regional Mexican Music world; “Por Que No Le Calas” is a good example of her enormous talent singing Ranchera music. From her popular album La Gran Señora, this track is about being honest with your partner and yourself.