What type of loft ladder is best?

What type of loft ladder is best?

If you have height and storage space restrictions, then a telescopic loft ladder is a useful sliding alternative. This metal ladder type is durable and able to withstand tough usage with ease. The operation is very simply with a single button press to release each tread and lock it into position.

What size ladder do I need for a loft?

To work out the correct height of loft ladder you will require, measure from the floor of your landing to the top of your roof joints, to the floor of your loft. Most loft ladders will reach up to 3m. Don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your loft hatch too, as you’ll need this information too.

Are loft ladders a legal requirement?

Put simply, unless you have a fixed staircase to your loft space, yes you do need a loft ladder. Access is important for maintenance and access to the roof, but these days most people use loft space for storage if not as an additional living space in their home.

Can I install loft ladder myself?

Installing a loft ladder would be a simple DIY task if it were at ground level – but it’s not. Before installing one yourself you need to consider your skills, your equipment and your experience. If you possess all of these, and the drive to install one yourself, then there is nothing to stop you.

What is the best loft ladder UK?

Best Loft Ladder Review

  1. Finether Aluminium Telescopic Loft Ladder (3.8M)
  2. Abru 3 Section Compact Loft Ladder.
  3. Aurora Thermo Folding Timber Loft Ladder.
  4. Alufix 9-Tread Concertina Loft Ladders.
  5. Lyte Easiloft 3 Section Timber Loft Ladder.
  6. TB Davies 3-Section Wooden Loft Ladder.
  7. Telesteps Silver Mini Telescopic Loft Ladder.

Which is better wood or aluminum attic ladder?

Wood is typically heavier and can be affected by the change of temperature, but it is durable, strong, and is an affordable option. Aluminum is lighter in weight, durable, fire-resistant, and also rust and rot resistant. Overall, an aluminum attic ladder is the better option.

How big does a loft hatch need to be for a loft ladder?

For example, if you measure that you can make a loft opening with maximum dimensions of 1100 mm x 600 mm then you will know that a loft ladder with a supplied hatch size of 1000 mm x 500 mm will fit. Whereas one with a hatch size of 1000 mm x 650 mm will not.

How safe are loft ladders?

Loft ladders that are fitted correctly, are installed into restricted spaces and are secure. They come in numerous sizes, are easy to install and observe all safety regulations. Standard, fitted loft ladders are sturdy objects: once they are installed they convey a sense of reassurance.

How long does it take to fit a loft ladder?

around 2 – 3 hours
Although costs might vary depending on the material of the loft ladder, the average time for installation should be similar. For standard fittings, where no hatch adjustments are required, you can expect your tradesman to install a loft ladder in around 2 – 3 hours.

How much weight can a loft ladder hold?

Take a look at the most basic design of the loft ladder and you will see that they have a maximum load of 100kg (roughly 15.7 stones). Imagine your weight with a heavy box of books. Chances are this will push you near to that limit.

How much would it cost to install an attic ladder?

The average cost of installing attic ladders or stairs ranges from $220 to $647, with an average rate of $445 including parts and labor. Labor charges for a professional contractor average $240 per project, with an hourly rate of $60.

How do I know which attic ladder to buy?

Make sure you accurately measure your opening size, floor-to-ceiling height, as well as swing clearance and landing space, so you select a ladder that will fit the space you have. Whether you prefer lightweight and long-lasting aluminum, or economical wood, we have attic ladders for your various needs.

What is a telescopic loft ladder?

The Telescopic Loft Ladder is ideal for small hatches with minimal storage space and easy to install and operate. This ladder features automatic locking system, extra wide treads and rubber feet for safety and protection to flooring.

What is the standard loft hatch size UK?

The most common loft opening size is 562mm x 726mm in the UK. Which is 56.2cm x 72.6cm. Or 22″ x 30″ in inches. Standard loft hatch sizes can only really be used with a traditional extension ladder, that is placed inside the framework of the loft hatch to allow you to climb in and out of the loft.

How good are telescopic loft ladders?

They’re ideal for small, tight spaces Telescopic loft ladders are praised for their space-saving properties. In fact, they require virtually no clearance space or storage space in your loft and also need minimal landing space.

How long does it take to install attic ladder?

How much does it cost to fit a loft ladder?

Loft ladder installation cost. The cost of loft ladder installation ranges from £175 – £300 and if you want a larger hatch you will need to add around £250 to the quote. Loft ladder prices also depend on the model. Most varieties are made of aluminium although the heavy-duty steps are manufactured of steel.

How to build a loft ladder like a pro?


  • Wireless drills
  • An extra battery
  • Deck of screws
  • Framing square
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Utility blade
  • Measuring Tape
  • How to install a loft ladder?

    Sliding loft ladder. This is perhaps the most basic of the lot,and it doesn’t require a lot of work to install.

  • Telescopic loft ladder. Like the concertina,this type of ladder also saves a lot of space and is even straighter.
  • Folding loft ladders.
  • Concertina loft ladder.
  • Are loft ladders dangerous?

    Not one bolt or screw is less tight, than day one and I have taken heavy loads up and down, day in and out. I work as a therapist in the field of orthopaedic injuries and to my mind 90% of ordinary loft ladders are a dangerous liability, so many injuries. A staircase to heaven, by E L Co is a totally different world.