What type of word is recite?

What type of word is recite?

verb (used with object), re·cit·ed, re·cit·ing. to repeat the words of, as from memory, especially in a formal manner: to recite a lesson. to repeat (a piece of poetry or prose) before an audience, as for entertainment. to give an account of: to recite one’s adventures.

What do you call someone who recites poetry?

Noun. 1. reciter – someone who recites from memory.

What’s another name for a scythe?

Scythe Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for scythe?

knife blade
scalpel scimitar
sickle skewer
skiver steel
stiletto switchblade

What is the verb of recitation?

recite. (transitive) To repeat aloud some passage, poem or other text previously memorized, often before an audience. (transitive) To list or enumerate something. (intransitive) To deliver a recitation.

What is a scythe used for?

Scythe, one of the most important of all agricultural hand tools, consisting of a curved blade fitted at an angle to a long, curved handle and used for cutting grain.Esfand 22, 1399 AP

What does it mean to recite a poem?

When someone recites a poem or other piece of writing, they say it aloud after they have learned it. They recited poetry to one another. Synonyms: perform, relate, deliver, repeat More Synonyms of recite.

What does scythe mean?

: an implement used for mowing grass, grain, or other crops and composed of a long curving blade fastened at an angle to a long handle. scythe. verb. scythed; scything.

How do you write a performance poem?

Common techniques used in performance poetry

  1. Pausing to create tension.
  2. Changing the reciting speed from slow to fast and vice versa.
  3. Acting out the poem by physically expressing chosen parts of it.
  4. Creating an elliptical structure where things that were already said are revisited later in the performance.

What part of speech is recite?


part of speech: transitive verb
related words: chronicle
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to deliver text orally from memory. similar words: declaim, orate, perform, rehearse, speak

How do you introduce yourself in a poem?

If the poem is by someone else, a very short description of the author is good. If there’s any reference in the poem that has to be explained for the poem to be understood, say so and explain it as clearly and briefly as you can. Try to keep the introduction under a minute and more like 30 seconds.

What you mean by recite?

transitive verb. 1 : to repeat from memory or read aloud publicly. 2a : to relate in full recites dull anecdotes. b : to give a recital of : detail recited a catalog of offenses. 3 : to repeat or answer questions about (a lesson)

What is the Grim Reapers name?

Eric Williams

Is the TH silent in scythe?

Q: Is there an approved pronunciation for the word “scythe” that sounds like “sigh”? A: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed.) and the Oxford English Dictionary give only one pronunciation, with the “th” sounded at the end.Mehr 16, 1389 AP