What was the reason of flood in Kashmir?

What was the reason of flood in Kashmir?

To be more precise as to what caused the floods, CSE indicated that the floods were caused by a combination of intense rain, mismanagement, unplanned urbanization and a lack of preparedness.

When was floods in Kashmir?

2014 India–Pakistan floods

This image of the northern Indian subcontinent captured by NASA on 4 September 2014 shows heavy clouds over Jammu and Kashmir
Date 2–26 September 2014
Location India Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan Azad Kashmir Gilgit-Baltistan Punjab
Deaths 557 277 in India 280 in Pakistan

What are the causes of floods?

What Causes a Flood?

  • Heavy rainfall.
  • Ocean waves coming on shore, such as a storm surge.
  • Melting snow and ice, as well as ice jams.
  • Dams or levees breaking.

What is the flood?

Flooding is an overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry. Floods can happen during heavy rains, when ocean waves come on shore, when snow melts quickly, or when dams or levees break.

How did armed forces help the flood affected people?

From the start of Mission Sahayata till 16 September, the Armed Forces rescued 2,37,000 persons, and airlifted and distributed 2,24,000 liters of water, 31,500 food packets and ready to eat meals, 375 tonne cooked food, 2.6 tonne of biscuit, 7 tonnes baby food, water purifying tablets, 8,200 blankets, 650 tents, to the …

What is flood short note?

A flood is an overflow of water on land. Sometimes a river might receive extra water, either from heavy rains or other natural disasters. When this happens, the water overflows from its normal path in the river bed and onto the dry land.

What is in flood water?

Floodwater can contain: Downed power lines. Human and livestock waste. Household, medical, and industrial hazardous waste (chemical, biological, and radiological)

Which river faced flood in Kashmir 2014?

Jhelum River
Flood waters from Jhelum River breached embankments in many low-lying areas in Kashmir, including the capital Srinagar and Tawi River in Jammu forcing people to move to safer places.

How did armed forces helped in Kashmir floods?

Armed forces have launched a rescue operation in flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir by deploying 20 columns and kept helicopters on standby. “The Army has placed 20 flood relief columns ready to react and deploy at short notice”, Public Relation Officer (PRO), Defence (Northern Command), Col SD Goswami told PTI.