What wireless headsets are compatible with Avaya phones?

What wireless headsets are compatible with Avaya phones?

Corded Headsets Wireless Headsets
Avaya Phone Model Plantronics H Series Headsets Jabra Wireless Headsets
J139 HIS Cable (72442-41) Jabra Link-35
J169 HIS Cable (72442-41) Jabra Link-35
J179 HIS Cable (72442-41) Jabra Link-35

How do I use the headphones on my Avaya phone?

Simply plug the D103, D107 or D114 direct connect cable into your compatible Discover D700 series wired headset, then plug the other end into your Avaya desk phone, into the HEADSET port. In order to use your Discover headset on your Avaya phone, press the headset button on your Avaya phone to answer/end calls.

Does Logitech work with Avaya?

1-3 of 3 Answers. Yes.

Do Avaya phones have Bluetooth?

The competitively priced, high-performing Avaya J179 IP Phone features a color display, 4 softkeys, high definition audio quality, integrated Gigabit Ethernet interface, headset support, up to three 24-button Expansion Modules, and optional Wi-Fi® / Bluetooth®.

Are Avaya phones Bluetooth capable?

The following are the models that support Bluetooth headsets: 9620/9630/9630G/9640/9640G/9650/9650C supports the Bluetooth headset but with Bluetooth adapter. 9650 latest hw revision does not as it no longer has the required serial port to attach the adapter. 9641G and 9670 have built-in Bluetooth support.

Is Logitech compatible with Avaya?

1-3 of 3 Answers Yes.

How do I setup my Avaya headset?

Connect cables from the EHS to the headset base and your Avaya phone:

  1. Connect the Red AUX from the EHS to the Red AUX on the headset base.
  2. Connect the Blue Telephone from the EHS to the Blue Telephone on headset base.
  3. The cable with the white tab on either end connects to the Avaya phone in the headset port.

How do I connect my Jabra headset to my Avaya phone?

Connect the Jabra EHS adapter to the “EU24/ ADJ” socket on the Avaya desk phone and to the “AUX” port on your Jabra Engage base. Now connect the phone cable supplied with the headset to the socket marked with the blue phone icon on the base, and connect the other end to the headset port on the Avaya desk phone.

How do I connect my Avaya headset to my computer?


  1. Plug the headset to your computer. The software automatically detects the headset.
  2. Open Avaya Setup Tool. In the lower left corner, the software displays the status as Connected with the name and image of the connected headset.

Does Jabra work with Avaya?

Avaya deskphones: As an Avaya Technology Partner Jabra headsets are certified through the Avaya DevConnect program; and Jabra products are integrated with Avaya softclients such as: Avaya IX Workplace, Avaya Agent for Desktop, Avaya One-X Agent as well as Avaya J-Series and previous deskphones.

What is Avaya SIP trunking?

Avaya SIP Trunking provides you with a cost effective and flexible way to connect your business to the outside world. It helps your business use the Internet bandwidth you already pay for in a more flexible way. SIP simplifies your network by consolidating many of your services into one.

Does my Avaya phone have Bluetooth?

How to use a wireless headset with a cordless phone?

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How to add handsets to a cordless phone system?

– Place the new handset unit in the main base. – Press and hold the “Find Handset” button on the base. – Press the “#” (pound) key on the handset, or another key if instructed by the system documentation.

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