What year Australian pennies are worth money?

What year Australian pennies are worth money?

The 1930 penny is one of the rarest Australian coins, due to a very small number being minted, and holds the record as the most valuable copper penny in the world. It is highly sought after by coin collectors, and a 1930 penny in very fine condition can be worth A$45,000 or more.

Are Australian pennies worth anything?

With just under 26 million coins made between the two mints, the coins are worth anywhere between $3 in circulating condition and over $300 in proof condition.

How much is a 1922 Australian penny worth?

Penny 1922 value

Variety MS-60 MS-66
1922 – Indian $542 $6,300
1922 – English $542 $6,300

How much is a 1944 Australian penny worth today?

Penny 1944 value

Variety MS-60 MS-63
1944 $181 $378
1944 – Y. $48.30 $106

How much is a 1958 Australian penny worth today?

Penny 1958 value

Variety MS-60 MS-65
1958 $11.50 $129
1958 – Y. $9.40 $108

Are 1962 pennies worth anything?

The 1962 penny with no mint mark and the 1962 D penny are each worth around $0.15 in uncirculated condition with an MS-63RB grade. The value is around $1 in uncirculated condition with a grade of MS-65RD.

How much is a 1912 Australian penny worth?

Penny 1912 value

Variety MS-60 MS-65
1912 – H $276 $1,590

How much is a 1932 Australian penny worth?

Penny 1932 value

Variety MS-60 MS-63
1932 $266 $694

How much is a 1958 Australian penny worth?

What is a 1963 Australian penny worth?

Penny 1963, Coin from Australia – detailed information It was worth one twelfth of an Australian shilling and 1/240 of an Australian pound.

What makes a 1972 penny worth money?

The 1972 penny with no mint mark doubled die error coin is worth around $600 in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade. This price is for coins with prominent doubling. Coins with only slight doubling are worth less money.

How much is a 1931 Australian penny worth?

Penny 1931 value

Variety MS-60 MS-62
1931 – English – Aligned $659 $1,100
1931 – English – Dropped 1 $659 $1,650
1931 – Indian – Aligned
1931 – Indian – Dropped 1

How much is a 1953 Australian penny worth?

Penny 1953 value

Variety MS-60 MS-64
1953 $22.10 $113
1953 – Without serif 5
1953 – A. $23.40 $135

Are 1975 pennies worth anything?

The 1975 penny with no mint mark and the 1975 D penny are each worth around $1 in uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade. The 1975 S proof penny is worth around $3.50 in PR 65 condition. Click here to search for Lincoln pennies on Amazon.

Are 1981 pennies worth anything?

Most 1981 pennies in circulated condition are only worth their weight in copper. The current copper melt value for each penny is about $0.02. These coins can only sell for a premium in uncirculated condition.

Are Australian coins worth anything?

There are so many Australian coins worth collecting out there. You just need the dedication to be able to get them. If you are a beginner, you can start out small. There are collectible coins worth at least $50. You can then slowly save up to buy rarer and more beneficial coins.

What is the rarest Australian coin?

– Currency expert reveals $2 coin could be worth as much as $200 to collectors – Remembrance Day coin from 2012 featuring red poppy is extremely valuable – TikTok user says people are defacing coins to fake the in-demand shrapnel

How much are Australian coins worth?

How much is a $2 Australian coin worth? They were released in two versions, a non mintmark version, and a ā€˜Cā€™ mintmark coin. The low mintage of just 500,000 makes the non mintmark coin worth around $100 while the ā€˜Cā€™ mintmrk coin can be worth $300 or more.

What is the value of a 1942 Australian penny?

1942 – Three Varieties to Identify. Large mintages of all varieties in general equate to many still available today.

  • 1942 Lincoln Penny. Philadelphia struck the 6th highest number of wheat cents in 1942 of all years of production.
  • 1942-D Lincoln Penny. On a rarity scale,Denver Varity 1942 cents are Abundant.
  • 1942-S Lincoln Penny.