What year is a Diamond Infinite Edge bow?

What year is a Diamond Infinite Edge bow?

Compared to Similar Bows

Bow Diamond Infinite Edge Diamond Razor Edge
Version 2015 2012
Brace Height 7 “ 7 “
AtA Length 31 “ 31 “

What is the difference between the Diamond Infinite Edge and the pro?

The Infinite Edge is the first generation of this lineup. While there were some improvements made in the Pro, the first generation Edge is largely the same. It has a bit smaller axle to axle measurement, and only goes to a 30” draw length. Finally, the Edge has a 75% let-off compared to the Pro’s 80%.

How fast is a diamond Infinite Edge Pro?

310 feet per second
Infinite Edge Pro Specs and Features It has 80-percent let off—ideal for bowhunting. It has an IBO speed rating of 310 feet per second, but I’m going to be honest: don’t pay any attention to the speed rating with this bow.

Is Diamond Archery owned by BowTech?

Bowtech Archery is part of Pure Archery Group ® products, the solution in premium archery equipment. Pure Archery Group ® also includes compound bows suited for nearly every archer from Diamond Archery, as well as premium crossbows and accessories by Excalibur Crossbow.

When did Diamond infinite edge pro come out?

Since 2007, Diamond Archery has built up a legacy of creating incredibly versatile compounds; starting with the Edge, progressing with the Razor Edge and Infinite Edge, and ultimately bringing their newest option to the table, the Infinite Edge Pro….Comparison.

Bow Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Mission Riot
Let-Off 80% 80%

Where are diamond bows manufactured?

in America
Diamond bows are made in America, by passionate employees who take pride in every step of the build process. From our in-house string facility, to high quality finish process. All to build the most advanced archery product known to man, with the quality and service you would expect.

Is the diamond infinite edge a good bow?

Welcome to our Diamond Infinite Edge review. Diamond bows are made by Bowtech, one of the finest compound bow manufacturers in the world. If you’re looking for a compound bow for a kid, youth or female who’s just getting into archery, you’ve just found it.

Does the diamond infinite edge come fully assembled?

This bow came fully assembled and was ready to shoot right out of the box. The Diamond Infinite Edge is based around a dual cam eccentric system. Both cams are elliptical and their movement is synchronized together for perfectly straight arrow travel.

What is the infinite edge bow made of?

The riser of Infinite Edge is ultra light due to cut outs and lightweight aluminium used for its production. Modules can be easily replaced thanks to holes located in standardized locations. This bow comes with a black thin grip made from a durable, hard rubber.

What is the draw length of the diamond infinite edge?

The draw length range is of 13 to 30 inches is nothing by amazing. Similarly the the draw weight can be adjusted in an unseen in other bows range of 5 to 70 pounds. This bow is fast, light and has unparalleled adjustability. Customer reviews of Diamond Infinite Edge indicate that it has it’s fans among both advanced and novice archers.