When did Jordan join Ibiza Weekender?

When did Jordan join Ibiza Weekender?


Year Title Notes
2013–2020 Ibiza Weekender Club rep
2015, 2017 Ex on the Beach Series 3 and Series 4 ex, Series 5 main cast
2017 Celebrity Big Brother CBB20 housemate

Where is Deano from Ibiza Weekender now?

Nowadays, Deano appears to be in a relationship with Ellie Bicknell, and is attempting to make his mark on Tiktok with some questionable videos (@bailydeano, try not to be too scarred).

What age is Jordan Davies?

30 years (June 24, 1992)Jordan Davies / Age

Is Jordan from Ibiza Weekender a dad?

There’s something you probably didn’t know about Ibiza Weekender and Weekender: Boat Party star Jordan Davies. According to reports, the 26-year-old is a dad.

Did Imogen and Deano go Travelling?

During the series finale, Imogen and Deano both announced that they were stepping down from the show to go travelling together, however, Deano returned to the show in Series 7.

Are Jordan and Isobel still together 2021?

Are Isobel Mills and Jordan Davies still together? Yes! Miraculously, 21-year-old Isobel and Jordan, 26, are still dating.

Is Jordan and Isobel still together 2021?

The reality TV star – who rose to fame on the ITV2 show in 2019 – took to her Instagram to reveal her horrifying battle with an exercise addiction. Isobel, 24, who is still dating her Ibiza Weekender co-star Jordan Davies, told her fans she had “never felt so physically and mentally strained”.

Are Jordan and Isobel still together 2020?

Ibiza Weekender star Jordan Davies has revealed his relationship with girlfriend Isobel Mills is better than ever as the coronavirus lockdown made them “stronger”. The 29-year-old reality star, who has been dating his co-star Isobel, 24, since 2019, says he moved into her house during the lockdown last year.

How old is Isobel Ibiza Weekender?

How old is Callum Ibiza Weekender?

Callum was born on February 23rd, 1995. This makes him 25 years old, turning 26 very soon.

Is Isabelle and Jordan still together?

Are Isobel Mills and Jordan Davies still together? Yes! Miraculously, 21-year-old Isobel and Jordan, 26, are still dating. Although things are on the rocks in Ibiza Weekender 2019, their relationship obviously picks up in the final few episodes.

What happened to Chyna and Jordan?

Sadly not. Despite running off into the sun together, Chyna and Jordan called it quits just months later and it’s fair to say it wasn’t an amicable split. Jordan hit out at his “boring” ex, while Chyna got her own back when she admitted sex with Jordan “wasn’t great”.

What happened to Imogen from Ibiza Weekender?

The star has left her reality TV life behind and entered on to a journey of holistic health and environmental activism.

Are Deano and Imogen still together?

But in August 2016, Imogen ended the romance after she cheated on him with Deano on the show.

When did Jordan and Isobel start dating?

How old is Chloe from Ibiza Weekender?

CHLOE Chaloner shot to fame last year after being cast in ITV2 series Ibiza Weekender, and her social media page documents every moment of her lavish lifestyle. The 22-year-old former flight attendant, who previously dated Callum Izzard, has shown off her stunning home on Instagram.

Are Georgia and Callum together?

The couple split in April last year after a seven-month romance, with Callum soon moving out of their home. ITV2 star Georgia recently admitted that she spent time “rebuilding her confidence” after their “toxic” relationship ended.

What age is Isobel Mills?

Are Charlotte and Jordan still together?

“I think everyone could see that it was so apparent that we were in love,” says pro dancer Charlotte (right), who paired up with rookie Jordan (left). Both couples are still together and have met each other’s friends and family.

Why did Imogen Townley shave her hair?

Reality star Imogen Townley has said she feels a ‘sense of total freedom’ after shaving off all her hair and ‘peeling back the layers’. The 28-year-old who appeared on The Ibiza Weekender shared her new look with Instagram followers on Monday.