When was Candi born?

When was Candi born?

March 13, 1940 (age 81 years)

What nationality is Percy Sledge?


How old is Clarence Carter?

85 years (January 14, 1936)

What is Clarence Carter’s net worth?

Clarence Carter: Quick Facts

Full Name Clarence George Carter
Net Worth $10 million
Salary NA
Social Media YouTube and Deezer
Last Update 2021

Where is Percy Sledge now?

Death. Sledge died of liver cancer at his home in Baton Rouge on April 14, 2015, at the age of 73. His interment was in Baton Rouge’s Heavenly Gates Cemetery.

Who wrote patches?

Ron Dunbar

Who wrote Tell Mama?

Clarence Carter

Who sang You Got the Love?

Florence + the Machine

Who was Clarence Carter married to?

Candi Statonm. 1970–1973

Who did when a man loves a woman?

Percy Sledge

When did Percy Sledge die?

How old is Candi Staton now?

81 years (March 13, 1940)

How old is Wilson Pickett?

64 years (1941–2006)

Is Candi Staton married?

Otis Nixonm. 2010–2012

Where is Candi Staton from?

Hanceville, AL

Who is Candi Staton married to now?

Is Candi Staton sick?

Soul Legend Candi Staton is Now Cancer-Free: ‘I’ve been through hell and back’ For over 20 years, legendary soul singer Candi Staton has been singing her number two U.K. hit “You Got The Love” on stages all over the world.

Who was Percy Sledge first wife?

Rosa Singleton Sledge

What killed Percy Sledge?


Where is Percy Sledge from?

Leighton, AL

What is Percy Sledge net worth?

Percy Sledge net worth: Percy Sledge was an American R&B and soul singer who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Percy Sledge was born in Leighton, Alabama, and began his professional performance career touring with the Esquires Combo on the weekend, while working as a hospital orderly during the week.

How old is Percy Sledge?

74 years (1940–2015)

When did Clarence Carter go blind?

ED WARD, BYLINE: Clarence Carter was born in Montgomery, Ala., in 1936 and was blind from birth. When he was 9, his grandmother gave him a guitar, and he’d had found his calling.