When was Portugal under a dictatorship?

When was Portugal under a dictatorship?

It evolved from the Ditadura Nacional (“National Dictatorship”) formed after the coup d’état of 28 May 1926 against the democratic and unstable First Republic….Estado Novo (Portugal)

Portuguese Republic República Portuguesa
• 1926–1951 Óscar Carmona
• 1951–1958 Francisco Craveiro Lopes
• 1958–1974 Américo Tomás

Who was the butcher of Portugal?

José Mendes Cabeçadas – Wikipedia.

Is Night Train to Lisbon a true story?

It recounts the travels of Swiss Classics instructor Raimund Gregorius as he explores the life of Amadeu de Prado, a Portuguese doctor, during António de Oliveira Salazar’s right-wing dictatorship in Portugal….Night Train to Lisbon.

Original German cover
Author Pascal Mercier
Language German
Genre Novel
Publisher Carl Hanser Verlag

When was António Salazar born and died?

António de Oliveira Salazar, (born April 28, 1889, Vimieiro, Port.—died July 27, 1970, Lisbon), Portuguese economist, who served as prime minister of Portugal for 36 years (1932–68). The provisional military government was shortly taken over by General António Óscar de Fragoso Carmona, who favoured sweeping changes.

What was the political ideology of Antonio Salazar?

Salazar’s rule was strongly influenced by Catholic, papal, and nationalist thought. Salazar called his new order in Portugal the New State ( Estado Novo ). The National Assembly was composed solely of government supporters, and Salazar chose his own ministers, whose work he closely supervised.

What did Antonio Salazar do for Portugal?

He was responsible for the Estado Novo (“New State”), the corporatist authoritarian government that ruled Portugal until 1974. A trained economist, Salazar entered public life as finance minister with the support of President Óscar Carmona after the Portuguese coup d’état of 28 May 1926.

What is the best biography of Francisco de Salazar?

A biography of Salazar is Christine Garnier, Salazar: An Intimate Portrait (1952; trans. 1954). See also Gowan Pinheiro, Oldest Ally: A Portrait of Salazar’s Portugal (1961).