Where can I buy a vignette for Slovenia in Croatia?

Where can I buy a vignette for Slovenia in Croatia?

Austrian and Slovenian Vignette can be bought on petrol stations and kiosks close to the border, the maut / road fees in Croatia are payed when you exit highway, all major credit cards and Euro’s are accepted.

Where can I buy a Slovenian vignette in Germany?

The e-vignette can be bought online at the evinjeta.dars.si, stamps in the form of a classic sticker are available at common points of sale such as Darsi establishments, gas stations, Kompass stores, newsagents, assistance services.

Can I buy a vignette online?

From the day of the launch, you can buy the Digital Vignette online at www.asfinag.at and via the ASFINAG app.

What happens if you drive without a vignette?

Costs and validity Please note: If you are driving without a vignette, you will be fined (CHF 200) and will also have to buy the vignette itself (CHF 40).

How do you pay tolls in Slovenia?

2022, Slovenia has discontinued the sale of paper vignettes and replaced them with electronic vignettes. These are currently only available directly from the sales offices of the authority. You can find more information here.

Can I buy Slovenian vignette in Austria?

Where can I buy the Slovenian vignette? The Slovenia 2020 vignette can be purchased at various points of sale. These are usually the benzene distributors on Slovenian territory and in the border areas of neighbouring countries: Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

How do I get a vignette for Slovakia?

Electronic vignette for Slovakia can be purchased via the Internet at eznamka.sk, by a mobile application from the App Store or Google Play, in vending machines at border crossings, at petrol stations and at some other retailers. List of points of sale and self-service vending machines can be found at eznamka.sk.

Do we need a vignette for Croatia?

What do you need for a trip to Croatia? Journeys through Croatia are uncomplicated as the country uses a route-based toll system and you do not have to purchase vignettes in advance. Any tolls are paid directly at toll booths.

Which European countries require a vignette?

Vignettes are required for driving along certain roads, like motorways and autobahns in the following European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. If you are caught driving in any of these countries without a vignette you will be fined.

Do you need a vignette in Slovakia?

It is necessary to have a toll sticker (vignette) if you want to drive on the motorway in Slovakia. The price of toll sticker for one year is 50 Euros. One month toll sticker is 14 Euros and 10 day toll sticker costs 10 Euros. You can buy the toll ticket in post offices and on the gas stations.

Is a vignette required for Croatia?

Which countries in Europe do you need vignette?

Vignettes are required for driving along certain roads, like motorways, in the following European countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria.

How much is a vignette in Croatia?

In Croatia, there are no video tolls or vignettes for cars as in Austria or Slovenia. Instead, two systems are used to collect tolls on motorways: Open system: There are toll booths at bridges, tunnels and shorter sections of the motorway which are used as entry and exit points.

Do I need a vignette in Slovenia?

All motor vehicles up to and including 3.5t are obligated to have a vignette in Slovenia. The vignette obligation applies on all motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia managed by the motorway operating company DARS d.d. A vignette is required for single-track motor vehicles…

Where can I buy a motorway vignette?

Motorway vignettes are sold in the form of a classic sticker and can be purchased at border crossings at Darsi branches, petrol stations, Kompas stores, post offices and newsagents. In the western part of the country, at the border crossing with Austria, a toll is collected for the passage of the Karavanke tunnel.

What is a vignette and when is it required?

A vignette is required for single-track motor vehicles (motorcycles) and two-track motor vehicles with or without trailers, the maximum authorised weight of which does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. The vignette obligation also applies on the route Spielfeld – Maribor and even for the motorway section via Koper.

What is the validity of an annual vignette?

Annual vignette shall be valid from the 1st December previous year to the 31st January in the year following the year of validity indicated on the mark, i.e. 14 months. An overview of the validity and prices of vignettes can be viewed on the about the vignette page at dars.si. How do I find a vehicle category to determine the price of a vignette?