Where can I read the Walking Dead comic online?

Where can I read the Walking Dead comic online?

Then read them digitally! The fastest-growing way to read comics is online through sites like Image Comics and Comixology, which let you purchase and read the comics on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

What is the first Walking Dead comic?

Issue 1’s Events on the Map Issue 1 is the first and the debut issue of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead and the first part of Volume 1: Days Gone Bye. It was originally published on October 8, 2003.

How many issues does the walking dead have?

193 issues
Beginning in 2003 and published by Image Comics, the series ran for 193 issues, with Kirkman unexpectedly ending the series in 2019.

Is The Walking Dead comic finished?

Fans of The Walking Dead story saw an abrupt end in issue #193. The announcement of the end of the comic was a shock, same as the series ending, and fans on both sides did see either of these announcements coming.

How is Negan defeated?

With Negan’s guard down, Rick uses a shard of broken glass to slice Negan’s throat while the combined groups watch from a distance.

Who kept Rick alive?

Still alive, Paul manages to escape and locks the doors behind him. Later, he paints the message Rick sees in the first episode. This proves the story takes place in Rick’s hospital and happened before the show’s current timeline. It’s likely that Doctor Gale was the one taking care of Rick.

Does Daryl find Leah?

In “Find Me,” Daryl searches for Rick Grimes’ body for closure about his death but instead stumbles across a cabin in the woods where he meets Leah. Over the course of the episode, Daryl spends more and more time with her, and they begin to form a relationship.

Was Lori’s body eaten?

Greg Nicotero Confirmed Lori Was Eaten By The Bloated Walker When Rick entered the boiler room, he followed a trail of blood leading him to an extremely bloated walker. There was an insinuation that the walker dragged Lori’s body before indulging in its entirety.

Did Lori get eaten?

Greg Nicotero Confirmed Lori Was Eaten By The Bloated Walker With no trace of Lori’s body, Rick killed the walker and stabbed at its stomach to search for pieces of Lori’s corpse. He didn’t allow himself to fully investigate since he was overcome with emotion.

Who is Daryl Dixon in love with?

Daryl Dixon was reunited with his love interest Leah on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead on AMC. The season 11 episode titled Rendition opened with Daryl [Norman Reedus] escaping an ambush by The Reapers with his trusty canine companion Dog.

Does Daryl ever fall in love?

Honorable Mention: Leah Leah is the closest Daryl has ever come to a relationship. They did have a romantic partnership and could have had a future together. However, Daryl was spooked and found it too difficult to let someone in.