Where can I renew my Ethiopian passport in Dubai?

Where can I renew my Ethiopian passport in Dubai?

Ethiopia Consulate General in Dubai

  • Address. Al Wuheida, Street No. 6, Community: 132. Dubai.
  • Phone. +971-4-269-9111.
  • Email. [email protected].
  • Website URL. http://www.ethcodu.com/

How much it cost to renew Ethiopian passport in Dubai?

The payment fee for renewing the Ethiopian passport is 60 USD for a 32-page ordinary passport, whereas the fee of the replacement for a lost passport is 90 USD.

How many Ethiopian embassy are there?

Ethiopia maintains 42 embassies abroad as well as 53 consulates. The Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa hosts 114 embassies, and in addition there are three consulates and two other representations in Ethiopia.

Can you renew your Ethiopian Passport online?

Similarly, the renewal of an Ethiopian Passport requires an online appointment. The steps and procedures of the online appointments are the same as the applicants for new passport applicants. But the difference is the required document.

How do I renew my Ethiopian Passport?

You are required to submit the following documents in support of your application:

  1. Personal Details and Service Request Note.
  2. Two copies of expiring/expired Ethiopian Passport.
  3. Two copies of Residence Permit or Visa.
  4. Two recent passport-sized colour photographs.

Where can I renew my Ethiopian passport?

The Embassy of Ethiopia is currently issuing only a new Electronic passport that requires mandatory finger print. Therefore, all Ethiopians who want to obtain a replacement (lost or existing) passport or renewal of a passport should fulfill the following requirements.

How much does it cost to renew Ethiopian passport?

60 USD
For passport and Ethiopian Organ ID applicants , please be advised that it take about 3 to 4 Months to process the application….

No Passport Service Fee
1 32 Pages Passport 60 USD
2 64 Pages Passport 110 USD
3 An Expedited passport renewal. 78 USD

How long it will take to renew Ethiopian passport?

three months
4. Processing times and return of passport. As Ethiopian Passports are issued in Ethiopia, please be aware that it may take up to three months to process your application. Due to COVID-19, some applications may take longer to process than normal.

How do I replace my Ethiopian passport?

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Ethiopian Passport

  1. If your Ethiopian passport is lost or stolen, you must apply for a new one immediately.
  2. All applications must be made in person at the Embassy as you will be required to provide fingerprints.
  3. You do not require an appointment to submit your passport application.

What should I wear to my visa interview?

Choose formal clothing — Professional attire is the way to go with almost any interview, and the same applies to F-1 student visa interviews. Certain formal clothing options such as dress shirts, ties, suits, pantsuits, and jackets are always appropriate.