Where do I put Floris evolved?

Where do I put Floris evolved?

According to the instructions on mod page, you just run the installer to install the module (no unzipping anything). After you do that, just install the patch by copying the path contents into the Floris Evolved folder that was created by the installer.

What is Bannerlord max level?

So it is actually level 30, you will need 2440 skill points to reach it (while your max at that point is 2510). And if you max out smithing you get 2 more attribute points (if those perks work) so then you can reach level 31, for which you will need 2595 skill points.

What is the max level in Warband?

The maximum level is 62 due to an overflow glitch that occurs at 63. However, the amount of experience needed per level escalates rapidly after level 59, which makes achieving this level without cheating extremely difficult.

What is This Floris mod?

This mod carry’s on the Floris tradition by continuing to add more OSP packs and content. It features Battle Time (WSE Included) online coop and more!

How to update Floris to mountblade warband?

3. Click the Update button. 4. Pick Floris Evolved in the second drop box. 5. Pick MountBlade Warband in first drop, then click Update button. 6. Close Mediator and enjoy new graphics!

Can I add additional savegame mods to Floris?

Gameplay and Expanded are NOT savegame compatible with Native or any older version of Floris. * If you have any request for an additional mod to be added, just head to the Suggestion topic, and I’ll see what I can arrange for the next version.

What do I need to get started with Floris?

Dev Suite: If you’re a modder yourself and you’d wish to fiddle with Floris, this is what you need: the source and all resources you’ll need to build your own version (s). * It is highly recommended to read the FAQ before playing.