Where do you hit sand in a bunker?

Where do you hit sand in a bunker?

A shot from the bunker needs a steep angle of attack, and a great way to achieve that is by hinging your wrists aggressively. On the downswing, aim for a spot about an inch or two behind the ball in the sand. Try to hit that spot and let the club glide underneath the ball through the sand.

How do you strike a bunker shot?

Take a greenside set up and swing, but instead of a sand wedge, take a pitching wedge or low iron and take a fuller swing. You still want to hit an inch behind the ball and get that splash out of the trap; the greatest misconception about longer bunker shots is that you have to hit ball first with these kinds of shots.

Why can’t I hit out of a bunker?

According to Harmon, it’s pretty simple. “You’ve got to make a swing that’s big enough to get the sand out of the bunker,” Harmon said. “So if you’re not making a swing that’s going to throw the sand out of the bunker, the ball isn’t going to get out of the bunker.”

Where should your weight be on a bunker shot?

Place 65 percent of your weight on your front foot, set your feet wide apart (outside your shoulders) and play the ball off your center. Then, keeping your swing at three-quarters, leave all that weight over your front foot throughout. That’s how you draw up a perfect bunker shot.

How do you hit out of hard sand in golf?

The key to hitting out of hard sand, the easier of the two options, is to lean left and make sure you don’t open the clubface. Opening the clubface in this scenario would increase bounce and cause you to top or knife your shot over the green, so you have to keep it square.

How do you hit a golf shot in hard sand?

Can I declare a ball unplayable in a bunker?

Just as you would should you declare a ball unplayable in the rough or behind a tree, you can do so in a bunker. For a one stroke penalty, you are permitted to drop within two club lengths of your unplayable ball providing it is no nearer the hole and remains within the bunker.

What happens if you hit a bunker shot with wet sand?

However, finding yourself in a bunker with wet sand adds an additional layer to the unpleasantness. Indeed, rather than being fluffy, soft and light, wet sand is compact and heavy. These particular lie conditions require some adjustments to your typical bunker shot.

How to get out of a greenside bunker in wet sand?

So, the first thing you need to do when you find yourself in wet sand in a greenside bunker is eliminate the explosion shot as an option. You are going to have to find another way out of the trap, as attempting an explosion shot in this situation is just going to do more harm than good.

How do you hit a greenside bunker shot?

By opening the face of your wedge, making a big swing, and aiming for a spot a couple inches behind the ball, you can blast the ball out of the sand and onto the green. It might look tricky but many new golfers are surprised to learn that greenside bunker shots are one of the easier parts of the game, at least in good conditions.

Should you put your golf ball in the sand in Bunker?

Only when you have a great lie up on top of the sand should you plan on getting a considerable amount of backspin onto the shot. Another element of the lie that is important is the angle of the sand in the section of the bunker where your ball is located. Are you on an upslope near the front of the bunker?