Where is Aliamanu Military Reservation?

Where is Aliamanu Military Reservation?

On the island of O’ahu, just north of Honolulu in the town of Salt Lake, there are several military bases located close together. AMR is in between the much larger and well-known Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to the west, and Fort Shafter to the east.

What is Aliamanu Military Reservation?

Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR) provides housing for all branches of the military with predominantly Army residents. AMR Child Development Center, AMR Child and Youth Services Center and AMR Youth Activities Center are also located in Zone H1.

Can civilians get on Fort Shafter?

There are nearly 8,000 active duty personnel, approximately 12,000 family members and over 8,000 civilian personnel at Fort Shafter.

What is AMR military?

AMR. Anti – Materiel Rifle. Army, War, War Force.

What is AMR Oahu?

American Medical Response has been providing the state of Hawaii with quality emergency medical services and non-emergency ambulance transportation for over 30 years.

Is Fort Shafter still open?

Today Fort Shafter remains the focal point for command, control, and support of Army forces in the Asia-Pacific region; it includes an underground command center beneath Palm Circle.

Whats AMR stand for?

American Medical Response (American ambulance company) AMR. American Medical Response.

What units are on Fort Shafter?

Fort Shafter, HI – Units

  • 1st Battalion (Attack Reconnaissance), 25th Aviation Regiment.
  • 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment.
  • 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment.
  • 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment.
  • 209th Aviation Support Battalion.

How much is base housing in Hawaii?

Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) According to military.com BAH starts at $2,922 for an E1 for Honolulu County (Covering all of Oahu). There are pros and cons to living on or off-base.