Where is Banaskantha in India map?

Where is Banaskantha in India map?

Banaskantha district is one of the thirty-three districts of the Gujarat state of India….

Banaskantha district
Location of Banaskantha district in Gujarat
Country India
State Gujarat
Headquarters Palanpur

Which district is Banaskantha?

District Pin code Index: 385001 Banas Kantha District is one among 33 Districts of Gujarat State ,India. Banaskantha District administrative head quarter is Palanpur. It is is Located 125 KM north towards State capital Gandhinagar . Banaskantha District population is 31.2 lac.

How many Tehsil are there in Banaskantha?

12 taluks
The district with its headquarter at Palanpur is consists of 12 taluks and 1249 villages. The talukas are Palanpur, Danta, Vadgam, Amirgadh, Dantiwada, Deesa, Dhanera, Kankrej, Diyodar,, Bhabhar, Vav and Tharad. Total population of the district, as per 2001 census, is 2502843.

What is the area of Banaskantha?

4,905 mi²Banaskantha / Area

How many district are there in Banaskantha?

Taluka is the local administrative division mostly a town or city, Below is the Banaskantha District Talukas list in the state of Gujarat, Taluka can be considered as sub-districts, As on the last 2011 census, Banaskantha is divided into 12 Talukas.

What is the population of Banaskantha?

239,333 people works in agricultural land as labor, men are 162,991 and 76,342 are women. Banaskantha sex ratio is 938 females per 1000 of males. Next Banaskantha Census will be in 2022-2023….Banaskantha Talukas Population.

Talukas Vav
Population 2011 246,156
Male 128,166
Female 117,990
Households 44,267

What is the pin code of Banaskantha?

: 385001
Pin Code: 385001, List of Post Offices, BANASKANTHA, GUJARAT Pincode.net.in.

What is the pin code of Palanpur Gujarat?

Palanpur/Zip codes

What is the pin code of Dahod?

Dahod/Zip codes

Who is IG of Gujarat?

Incumbent DGP Ashish Bhatia, who was appointed the Gujarat DGP on July 31, 2020, after his predecessor Shivanand Jha retired, is set to retire on May 31. His tenure will have lasted one year and seven months.

Who is Deputy Collector of Banaskantha?


Name Designation Address
Shri D. S. Ninama Dy. District Election Officer District Collector Office, Jilla Seva Sadan, Jorawar Palace Compound, Palanpur, Banaskantha, Gujarat – 385001

What is the Pincode of Nadiad?

Nadiad/Zip codes

Is Dahod a district?

Dahod district is a district of Gujarat state in western India.

Who is IPS of Banaskantha?

Shri Tarun Kumar Duggal IPS (Gujarat 2011) presently Superintendent of Police, Vadodara Rural is transferred and appointed as Superintendent of Police, Banaskantha relieving Shri Ajit Rajian IPS .

Who is DC Surat?

Shri Aayush Oak, I.A.S.

What is famous in Dahod Gujarat?

Kachori, Samosa, Ratlami sev and Panipuri are the main namkeen of the city. Dahod is also known for Mattha and Pakwan. Ratlami Sev Bhandar and Dhaval Restaurant are the hotspot for snacks in Dahod and is famous for its Kachori all over Gujarat.

Where is Banaskantha located?

List of banaskantha Locations Pin Code Location Pincode State District Aganwada 385555 Gujarat Banaskantha Agthala 385535 Gujarat Banaskantha

What is Banaskantha app?

This App is a coronavirus tracker of sorts works on the basis of contact tracing and can help a user identify possible coronavirus ‘hotspot’ around his or her area. Banaskantha is one among the thirty-three districts of the Gujarat state of India. The administrative headquarters of the district is at Palanpur which is also its largest city.

What is the average temperature of Banaskantha district in summer?

Banaskantha District summer highest day temperature is in between 30 °C to 43 °C. Average temperatures of January is 21 °C , February is 23 °C , March is 28 °C , April is 32 °C , May is 35 °C .