Where is Flatford Mill John Constable?

Where is Flatford Mill John Constable?

It is owned and exhibited at the Tate Britain gallery in London. Flatford Mill (Scene on a Navigable River) is painted in oil on canvas.

Who owned Flatford Mill?

Golding Constable
Golding Constable was an entrepreneur. He owned flour mills at Flatford and Dedham and a windmill at East Bergholt. He also ran a string of lighters (commercial barges) along the River Stour running between Sudbury and Mistley Wharf and two sea-going Thames barges running between Mistley Wharf and London.

How much is Constable’s Hay Wain worth?

‘Fake’ Constable painting of The Hay Wain found to be genuine is now valued at £2m. AN oil painting originally thought to have been a fake John Constable work has been valued at £2 million.

Where is John Constable’s The Hay Wain?

The National GalleryThe Hay Wain / LocationThe National Gallery is an art museum in Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster, in Central London, England. Founded in 1824, it houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900. Wikipedia

What happened to the Constable on Fake or Fortune?

Philip Mould was always convinced the painting was an original by British artist John Constable, but unable to produce proof, he sold it for £35,000. Now, 17 years later, he has been vindicated. Research by the BBC’s Fake or Fortune?

Who painted the hay wagon?

John ConstableThe Hay Wain / Artist

Why is The Hay Wain so famous?

The Hay Wain, by John Constable,1821. Voted the second most loved painting in a BBC poll, The Hay Wain has been a marketing success for Suffolk tourism, and cemented Constable’s reputation as a great English landscape painter (after his death).

How much does a Constable painting cost?

John Constable’s The Lock has become one of the most expensive British paintings ever sold, fetching £22.4m at auction at Christie’s in London. The full price of £22,441,250 for the 1824 masterpiece depicting Suffolk rural life places it joint fourth on the list of most-expensive Old Masters.

How much do John Constable paintings sell for?

about $35 million
“The Lock” by John Constable, which recently sold at a London auction for $34 million, had previously hung in Madrid’s Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. An 1824 painting by John Constable sold for 22.4 million pounds, or about $35 million, at a Christie’s auction in London this week.

What job did the Constable do?

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What Colours did Constable use?

It is covered with remains of colours such as vermilion, emerald green, chrome yellow, cobalt blue, lead white and madder, ground in a variety of mediums such as linseed oil mixed with pine resin. These can all be found on the surfaces of Constable’s later works, as translucent ‘glazes’ and crisp highlights.

Who painted The Hay Wain and Flatford Mill?

artist John Constable
Painted in 1821, ‘The Hay Wain’ by Suffolk-born landscape artist John Constable, is one of our nation’s most cherished paintings. The painting depicts the mill pond at Flatford, part of an idyllic countryside scene on the River Stour where the artist spent his childhood and early life.

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Who was Constable of Flatford Mill?

Flatford Mill has had many owners several of whom were called “Constable”. In 1742 Abram Constable (John’s father’s uncle) bought Flatford Mill from Matthew Isaac who had owned it from 1731. Two millers were working there, Henry Crush and Samuel Lamb.

Who owned the mill that John Constable lived in?

The mill was owned by the artist John Constable ‘s father and is noted, along with its immediate surroundings as the location for many of Constable’s works.

What is the history of Flatford Mill?

In 1742 Abram Constable (John’s father’s uncle) bought Flatford Mill from Matthew Isaac who had owned it from 1731. Two millers were working there, Henry Crush and Samuel Lamb. Abram Constable rebuilt the mill in 1753 and although the inside has since been modernised to provide student accommodation, much of the exterior is unchanged.

What is the copyright status of Flatford Mill?

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