Where is Kaidan on the Citadel me3?

Where is Kaidan on the Citadel me3?

Huerta Memorial Hospital
He is taken to Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel, where he slowly recuperates. While recovering, Udina offers Spectre status to Kaidan which he accepts. Kaidan torn between Udina and Shepard Shepard will be able to speak to Kaidan by visiting him in the hospital after every major mission.

Can you romance Kaidan in me3 if you didn’t in me1?

Kaidan is unique among the Mass Effect 3 Romance options because he is one of only three who can both be Romanced for the first time in this game, or have a Romance from a previous game continued. While he was only available to Female Shepards in the original game, in Mass Effect 3 he’s open to Male Shepards as well.

Does Kaidan join you in Mass Effect 3?

When does Kaidan become able to join you? The last convo I had was the first one where he is out of bed. That’s the last one you can have with him. You have to go to Tuchanka and do the genophage deal, then when you return to the Citadel you’ll get him back… if you weren’t a total ass to him earlier in the series.

Where do you find Kaidan?

Kaidan can be found in the Abandoned Prison and becomes a follower once freed. Note: The vanilla Abandoned Prison has a bit of a bug with followers, losing track of them when you leave. This bug should be fixed with the “Unofficial Skyrim Patch”.

Does Kaidan become a Spectre?

Kaidan is now very much his own man. He becomes a Spectre as he follows in Shepard’s footsteps. Kaidan is laid-up in hospital for a while following an incident on Mars where Kaiden is nearly killed by a Cerberus biotic.

Can male Shep romance Kaiden?

In addition to these romance options, both male Shepard and female Shepard can romance: Kaidan Alenko.

How do you summon Kaidan?

To trigger Kaidan’s romantic dialogue, put on an amulet of Mara and talk to him. Once this initial conversation is complete you don’t need to continue wearing the amulet; the romantic questline will continue.

Is it possible to save both Kaidan and Ashley?

Thanks to the hard work of one modder, it’s now possible to save both Ashley and Kaidan in the remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and keep ’em alive for the duration of the trilogy.

Is there a way to save both Kaidan and Ashley?

You cannot, Mass Effect 1 does not gives you an option to save both of them. You have either pick Ashley who is guarding the bomb or Kaiden who is being attacked at the AA tower. All choices lead to saving one of them, not both.

Is Shepard still a Spectre?

Commander Shepard: Appointed the first human Spectre in 2183. Spectre status revoked after Shepard is declared killed in action later that year.

Who all can female Shepard romance?

In Mass Effect 1, female Shepard can romance either Kaidan or Liara. Male Shepard can romance either Ashley or Liara. Aside from these main romances, you can also experience a romance scene with the Asari Consort on the Citadel.

How do you get Kaiden to marry you?

Is it better to save Kaiden or Ashley?

Kaiden may be the stronger choice, but Ashley isn’t without her merits. Those who are looking for more character development and growth would be better off saving Ashley, especially if Shepard is romancing her. By the time of Mass Effect 3, Ashley has undergone a modicum of personal growth.