Where is my train 02512?

Where is my train 02512?

02512 – Tvc-gkp One Way Special Live Train Running Status

Station Speed Sch/Act Arrival Train Arrival Status PF
Kayankulam 09:23PM / 09:23PM No Delay
Alappuzha 10:07PM / 10:07PM No Delay
Ernakulam 11:50PM / 11:50PM No Delay
Aluva 12:23AM / 12:23AM No Delay

Which is the tallest train in India?

The Indian Railways just broke another record by running four trains together. This super-long train named SheshNaag is the longest-ever train to run in India. As per the reports, IRCTC operated this 2.8 km long train by amalgamating four empty BOXN rakes, which was powered by four sets of electric locomotives.

What is GN and Na train?

The station code for GANGANI Railway Station is GNNA.

Which class of train is best?

For shorter day trips, AC Chair Car is usually the best option, although if you have a lot of luggage it can get tricky. If you have lots of luggage, go with AC 2 Tier or 3 Tier or First Class AC even for short distances.

Where is Rapti Sagar now?

Gorakhpur is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Trivandrum is located in the state of Kerala. The two cities are located at a distance of 3253kms….Rapti Sagar Express -12511 ( Gorakhpur Junction to Trivandrum Cntl )

Station name (code) Balharshah (BPQ)
Arrives 08:05
Departs 08:45
Stop time 40 min

Is Rapti Sagar Express running?

The arrival time to Gorakhpur Jn is 15:40. The total distance covered by Raptisagar Exp is 3236 Km on its route….12512 Raptisagar Exp Running Status.

Station Pokhrayan 2832 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 06:21 06:21
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 06:23 06:23
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – 2min

What is FC train?

First class: Similar as 1AC, but without air conditioning. No bedding is available in this class. The berths are not as wide and spacious as in 1AC . There is a coach attendant to help the passengers.

Which AC is best in train?

The washrooms have a western style WC, and normally contain toilet paper but it’s always better to carry your own, just in case. They are usually very clean and well maintained, making 1AC the best choice for train travel in India.

What is S1 S2 S3 s4 in train?

Here ‘S’ is the bogey type which stands for Sleeper Class. And ‘2’ stands for the bogey number of the respective class of the bogey. There are many different types of bogey in Indian Railways. S = Sleeper (S1,S2,S3…) B = 3-tier AC (B1,B2,B3..)