Which is better Widex or Phonak?

Which is better Widex or Phonak?

In terms of hearing aid quality, Widex scores a bit higher than Phonak, due to its advanced streaming features and high-quality batteries. Phonak, on the other hand, offers stellar customer service.

How long is warranty on a Widex hearing aid?

4-YEAR WARRANTY All Widex MOMENT hearing aids purchased for HEARING SAVERS now include a 4-year manufacturer warranty.

Who bought Widex?

WS Audiology (formerly Sivantos Group and Widex) is a privately-owned manufacturer of hearing aids with headquarters in Denmark and Singapore with roots going back to 1878 and Siemens AG. The current company was created following the 2019 merger of Sivantos Group and Widex.

How long do Widex hearing aid batteries last?

Hearing aid batteries last between 4 to 10 days. Large hearing aid batteries last an average of 154 hours while small hearing aid batteries last a mere 60 hours.

Which hearing aid has the longest warranty?

Purchasing hearing aids is an investment in your lifestyle, and this deserves the highest level of protection. All EarQ branded hearing aids come with the EarQ 4-Year Repair Warranty.

What country is Widex from?

Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, the company does business in more than 100 countries worldwide and employs more than 4,000 people.

What is the warranty on Widex hearing aid?

Warranties on Widex Hearing Aids The length of warranty coverage on Widex hearing aids will depend on the model purchased. However, most models are covered for two to three years, though some begin at one year. An extended warranty for an additional one or two years ranges in cost from $75 to $150.

What is the Widex dream 330?

The Dream 330 is one of the Dream range of hearing aids from Widex. It is available in a number of different styles including BTE (Behind the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITE (In the Ear) and CIC (Completely in Canal). These hearing aids are available in four different levels of technology with the Dream 330 being the second level in the range.

Does Widex sell hearing aids?

Widex doesn’t sell its devices directly to consumers. A participating hearing care specialist can test your hearing and determine which Widex hearing aid is a good fit for your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Be sure to ask about Widex’s free hearing aid trial.

Is the Widex dream range compatible with my wireless accessories?

The Widex Dream range is also compatible with their DEX wireless accessories. These accessories allow you to connect with the different every day devices you use regularly.

What is the difference between Widex’s Evoke and moment hearing aids?

Widex states the EVOKE is the “world’s first smart hearing aid.” It automatically adjusts based on your environment, and you can personalize the listening experience further with the SoundSense Learn feature on the EVOKE app. Widex’s MOMENT is designed for fast sound processing and more natural sound.