Which name is best for girl in Islam?

Which name is best for girl in Islam?

Popular Muslim Girl Names

  • Yasmin: Jasmine flower.
  • Yusra: Ease, comfort, blessedness, prosperous.
  • Zainab: Generous. Fragrant flower.
  • Zara: High status, exalted, eastern splendor, princess.
  • Zarah: Coming of dawn, form of Sarah, princess.
  • Zeenat: Decoration, beauty.
  • Ziya: Source of light or radiance.
  • Zoya: Love, life, and desire.

Which name is best for Muslim girl Urdu?

Giving your child the best Muslim name is just as important as giving him a good upbringing….Girl Names In Urdu.

Name Urdu Meaning
Aabidah عابدہ Worshipper.
Aaminah آمنہ۔ Secured, Safe.
Batool بتول Pure, Chaste, Virgin (Devoted To Allah)
Bisma بسمہ Caregiver, Polite, Obedient, And Significant

What is the princess name?

Polished and Pretty: Princess Names for Girls

Amiera Princess, leader. Arabic
Ariane Most holy; silver Welsh
Ariel Lion of God Hebrew
Arwen Muse Welsh
Asma High status Arabic

What are the most popular female Muslim names?

Aabidah: Worshipper,devotee

  • Aakifah: Devoted,dedicated
  • Aaliyah: High exalted,to ascend
  • Aamaal: Hopes,aspirations,wishes
  • Aamira: Prosperous,full of life
  • Adara: Virgin
  • Adeela: Who execute equitable justice
  • Adiva: Agreeable,gentle
  • Afifa: Chaste,virtuous,modest
  • Aisha: The name of the favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammed
  • What are some Muslim names for girls?


  • Abida
  • Abeer
  • Alaa
  • Alima
  • Alina
  • Amana
  • Amani
  • Amina
  • Ahmina
  • What are some common Muslim names?

    Adel – Eternal

  • Ashref – Honorable one
  • Ayad – Hands with power
  • Mustafa – The chosen one
  • Salem – Safe
  • What are some Arabic names for girls?

    Husna -beautiful

  • Hafsah -young lioness
  • Ameenah -trustworthy
  • Siddeqah -truthful
  • Zakiya -pure
  • Tahira -pure/chaste
  • Hidayah -guidance
  • Barakah -blessing
  • Amarah -grace
  • Aliyah -high/lofty
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