Which question bank is best for MRCP?

Which question bank is best for MRCP?

Pastest MRCP Part 1 is hands down one of the best question banks in the market. More than 5000 questions are available and by the time you get done with all of them, you stop feeling like you don’t know anything. Moreover, I was very grateful that Pastest provides past papers as well.

Is Pastest good for MRCP?

I started each specialty by reading the MRCP Part 1 book by Pastest. This book is great because it lays out the topics of each specialty very clearly. I used it to map out my revision topics and look through the subsections of each specialty.

How many questions are there in the MRCP Part 1?

Pastest Customer Outcomes 65% of candidates who answered our survey passed the September 2020 exam. On average, successful candidates answered over 4800 questions in our Part 1 question bank. Unsuccessful candidates answered around 2400 on average.

Is MRCP very difficult?

MRCP (UK) exam assesses candidates based on their basic sciences and clinical skills. To clear this exam, advanced hands-on knowledge of applied basic sciences and medical principles is necessary. As a result, MRCP is difficult; there’s no doubt in that fact.

Is MRCP Part 1 hard?

The MRCP Part 1 exam is tough. Preparation methods are constantly evolving, as is the exam. I am going to share some best practice: from my own experience of teaching countless exam candidates over the years, from recent candidate experiences, and that obtained through analysis of Pastest utilisation data.

What is a good MRCP score?

For the vast majority of candidates this score is a number between 200 and 800 – although occasionally could be negative or above 800.

Is MRCP better than PLAB?

MRCP is one of the eligible criteria to apply for higher specialty training in medical specialties. MRCP costs more, takes more time, is harder of an exam than PLAB. Even if you get GMC registered with PLAB, in order to pursue your career in medicine you will have to pass MRCP.

Is MRCP very tough?

Does MRCP expire?

Candidates who re-enter the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination and pass will have a further seven years in which to pass the MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written and PACES Examinations. The limit of six attempts for each part of the examination remains before having to provide evidence of additional educational experience.

Is PLAB better or MRCP?

Is MRCP pass or fail?

Each pass in your MRCP(UK) examinations marks a milestone in your career, and is the result of significant preparation and study. In addition, passing all three parts of the MRCP(UK) examination is now a requirement for entry into specialist training in the UK.