Which river flows through Neelum Valley?

Which river flows through Neelum Valley?

It originates in the north of Indian Jammu and Kashmir, flows through the Neelam District of Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir and then merges with the Jhelum River near the city of Muzaffarabad….Neelum River.

Neelum River Kishanganga
• elevation 750 m (2,460 ft)
Length 245 km (152 mi)
• location Muzzafarabad

What is the source of Neelum river?

Vishansar LakeNeelam River / SourceThe Vishansar Lake is an alpine high altitude oligotrophic lake situated near Sonamarg in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir, India at an elevation of 3,710 metres. It has a maximum length of 1 km and maximum width of 0.6 km. Wikipedia

Which river comes from Azad Kashmir?

At Muzaffarabad, the administrative centre of Azad Kashmir in the Pakistani-administered sector of Kashmir, the Jhelum receives the Kishanganga River and then bends southward, forming part of the border between Azad Kashmir to the east and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan, to the west.

What is Neelum Valley famous for?

The Neelum Valley is famous for honeymoon tour in Pakistan, where breathtaking views, immense mountains and natural beauty are found everywhere. The Neelum Valley is one of the most attractive places in the tourist community. The Neelum Valley is located in the 200 km arched area of ​​Azad Kashmir.

How many river are found Muzaffarabad?

Muzaffarabad is home to three main rivers flowing through Kashmir, Neelum , Jehlum and Kunhar. Neelum river merge itself intothe river Jhelum at Domail. Domail, the confluence of two mighty rivers, presents highly fascinating scene of youthful embrace.

Is Neelum valley in India or Pakistan?

The district of Neelum (spelt also Neelam; Urdu: نیلم [niːləm]) is the northernmost of 10 districts located within the Pakistani-administered territory of Azad Kashmir. Taking up the larger part of the Neelam Valley, the district has a population of around 191,000 people (as of 2017).

Where is Neelum Valley located?

Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir
Neelum Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000m above sea level.

Why is river Jhelum famous?

Jhelum is known for providing many soldiers to the British Army before independence, and later to the Pakistan armed forces – due to which it is also known as City of Soldiers or Land of Martyrs and Warriors.

Why is Neelum Valley important?

This valley town is very unique in its beauty with respect to the other places we had yet visited, it is also significant as it marks the beginning of control line with Indian Held Kashmir in Neelum. It is named Authmuqam because it is 8th station from Muzaffarabad to upper valley.