Which side should handrail be on outside stairs?

Which side should handrail be on outside stairs?

Standard building codes do not state a requirement for what side a handrail should be placed for residential structures. The handrail can be on either side of the stairs as long as it continuously runs the entire length of the stairs.

Are handrails required on both sides of exterior stairs?

The open side can be along the length or width of the stairway. This means that exterior stairs will require a guardrail and / or handrail along the open side.

What color should balusters be?

The key to adding color to the banister without going overboard is to start with a neutral spindle shade. Black, white and gray offer relief to the eye while grounding your choice of stand-out paint. Finish by painting a handrail with an unexpected color that adds vibrancy and excitement to the stairs.

What is the standard height of an outdoor stair railing?

between 34 and 38 inches high
Deck stair railing should measure at least 34 inches high. The IRC specifies that deck stair railing should measure between 34 and 38 inches high, so homeowners may wish to use railing that is even higher than 34 inches for their deck stairs.

How to make a wood stair railing?

– After you cut each piece of wood, seal the end to prevent water from entering. If it is not pressure treated, paint the cut surface with exterior paint. – Make sure you’ve finished cutting, sanding and drilling everything before you apply a finish. – Let the finish dry completely before assembly to avoid smudges.

How to build a stair railing with a rustic look?


  • boards
  • joint biscuits
  • joinery plates
  • wood screws
  • What is the best wood for interior stairs?

    – Non-drip formula making it ideal for vertical surfaces – It can be used on plywood, wood and metal – Allows you to feel the underlying wood texture

    How to refinish indoor stair railings?

    Sanding. The first step to refinishing is to remove the old paint or finish by stripping it.

  • Painting. Painting is an option that enhances the appearance and the durability of your Staircase.
  • Staining. For either old or damaged wood you may need a penetrating finish to increase wood strength and add protection.