Who animated the music scene blockhead?

Who animated the music scene blockhead?

Anthony Francisco Schepperd
Blockhead’s “The Music Scene” by Anthony Francisco Schepperd will be one of the finest animated music videos you’ll see this year. You can’t fake this kind of animation–Schepperd is an animator’s animator whose drawings breathe and pulsate with energy surging from one subject matter to another.

Who is Anthony Francisco Schepperd?

Anthony is an animator whose drawings pulse with energy surging from one subject matter to another. His surreal visuals have the foundation of solid drawing and his rough animation style really compliments his creative visual ideas.

What blockhead means?

a stupid person
Definition of blockhead : a stupid person. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About blockhead.

Who is blockhead Moto?

Blockhead Moto started as a YouTube channel creating media in the motorsports industry. From ‘How To Ride’ videos, installation walkthroughs, motovlogs, and more, the brand has become a trusted source for new model releases, test rides, product reviews, and education.

How old is Anthony Francisco?

If so, so be it.” During his later years, Franciosa lived in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. He died on January 19, 2006, at age 77 at nearby UCLA Medical Center after suffering a massive stroke.

Is blockhead a bad word?

blockhead (n.) also block-head, “stupid person,” 1540s (implied in blockheaded), from block (n. 1) + head (n.); probably originally an image of the head-shaped oaken block used by hat-makers, though the insulting sense is equally old.

What is another name for blockhead?

OTHER WORDS FOR blockhead 1 fool, nitwit, dolt, dullard, ignoramus, booby.

Who is blockhead YouTuber?

BLOCKHEAD, or BlockheadMoto, is an American YouTuber that does motovlogs, test rides, bike tutorials, and reviews. Blockhead lives in Orlando, Florida and has a fiancé Ms. Blockhead.

What do you mean by blockhead?

Is Tony Franciosa dead?

January 19, 2006Anthony Franciosa / Date of death

Where did blockhead come from?

What does it mean if someone calls you blockhead?

stupid, doltish person
noun. a stupid, doltish person; dunce. Obsolete. a piece of wood in the shape of a head, used as a block for hats or wigs.

What happened to Anthony Franciosa?

Los Angeles, CA – Actor Anthony Franciosa, whose intense persona proved to be one of his greatest assets as a performer, as well as a professional liability at times, died Thursday in a Los Angeles hospital from complications caused by a severe stroke. He was 77 years old.

Who is Anthony Franciosa married to?

Rita Thielm. 1970–2006
Judy Balabanm. 1961–1967Shelley Wintersm. 1957–1960Beatrice Bakalyarm. 1952–1957
Anthony Franciosa/Spouse

What is blockhead slang for?

Definition of blockhead : a stupid person. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About blockhead.

When did blockhead come out?

Blockhead! is a game invented in 1952 by G.W. “Jerry” D’Arcey and developed by G.W. and Alice D’Arcey in San Jose, California. Originally consisting of 20 brightly colored wooden blocks of varying shapes, the object of the game is to add blocks to a tower without having it collapse on your turn.