Who has Pam Poovey slept with?

Who has Pam Poovey slept with?

By the end of Season 4, Pam has had sex with all of her major co-workers at ISIS (male and female) except for Cheryl Tunt and Ray Gillette. She also made sexual advances to a Mexican man named Jorge working in her dairy in Coyote Lovely, although the sex was never explicitly confirmed.

Who does Archer end up with?

Sterling Archer
Family Malory Archer (mother)
Significant other Lana Kane (Girlfriend) Katya Kasanova (ex-fiancée; deceased/cyborg)
Children AbbieJean “AJ” Malory Kane-Archer (daughter)
Nationality American

Is Pam a guy in Archer season 8?

Some of the changes are unsurprising — Cheryl (Judy Greer) becoming “Charlotte VanDerTunt” seems par for the course — but others are really fascinating. Pam (Amber Nash) is a man named Detective Poovey in Archer’s dream, while Ray (Adam Reed) is a bandleader and Krieger (Lucky Yates) is the smack-dealing bartender.

Who is in love with Archer?

On that note, the greatest and most storied romance across the series was undoubtedly between Sterling Archer and Lana Kane. Two of the best spies in the agency whose individual vices and talents perfectly meshed with one another, Archer and Lana were a true power couple in the espionage world.

Are Archer and Pam best friends?

Much like Archer: Dreamland, this penultimate season only exists in our antihero’s coma-induced mind. This time Archer is an alcoholic co-pilot who shares a plane with his best friend, a surprisingly responsible Pam.

Who does Lana marry in Archer?


Lana Kane
Family Lemuel Kane (father) Claudette Kane (mother) Ms. Kane (sister)
Spouse Robert (husband)
Significant other Sterling Archer Cyril Figgis (ex-boyfriend) Joshua Gray (ex-boyfriend)
Children Abbiejean Malory Kane-Archer(daughter)

Does Lana marry Archer?

In Season 11, it’s revealed that Lana met and got married, while Archer was eight months into his coma, to Robert , a billionaire philanthropist and someone who Archer notes is balding and much older than her. They had met at a charity auction at the hospital Archer was being nursed at.

Who is Sterling archers bestfriend?

Lucas Troy was Sterling Archer’s best friend who was trained diligently by ISIS, only for Troy to defect immediately to ODIN for a bigger paycheck. Years later, he stole millions in bearer bonds (and some uranium) from ODIN, killing four ODIN agents in the process.