Who has the rights to Zatch Bell?

Who has the rights to Zatch Bell?

Zatch Bell!

金色のガッシュ!! (Konjiki no Gasshu!!)
Studio Toei Animation
Licensed by Discotek Media
Released August 6, 2005
Runtime 85 minutes

How many Mamodos are there?

There are currently 14 Mamodos that were never named. They were most likely destroyed early in the Mamodo Battle or amongst each other in random parts of the world.

How many episodes of Zatch Bell are English dubbed?

The series aired in North America between March 5, 2005 and January 20, 2007 and continued in Canada between July 20, 2007 and December 6, 2008, with only 104 of the 150 episodes dubbed.

What happened to Brago in Zatch Bell?

Gratified, Sherry promises Brago she will make him the Mamodo King. After helping Kiyo and Zatch defeat Clear Note, Brago is defeated by Zatch in the final battle to determine the King, coming in 2nd place overall.

Does Hulu have Zatch Bell?

Zatch Bell! now on Hulu! : r/zatchbell.

Is Rein a Mamodo?

One of Zatch’s friends from the Makai, Rein is a large and powerful Mamodo, who nonetheless does not want to fight in the battle, both due to his own reluctance to hurt people and his bookkeeper Kairu’s timidity. Although typically seen as a massive, bear-like creature, Rein has the ability to transform into a human with light blue hair.

Who are maruss and Rembrant in Mamodo?

Maruss and Rembrant are a team who end up pursuing the team of Tia and Megumi early in the Mamodo fight. Their element is metal. Maruss was originally Tia’s best friend in the Mamodo World, caring and looking out for her compared to her bullying ways against Zatch.

What is the story of Mamodo?

Mamodo descened upon the face of Earth during the King’s Festival every 1000 years when Mamodo King desides their way to fight to become king. Mamodo come in diffrent tactics, Water, Lighting, Fire, Singing, Ice, Gravity, Ghost, Transformation, Ropes, Earth, and Many more.

What is the name of the horse in Mamodo fight?

Ponygon (also known as Schneider) is Zatch’s best and most personal friend throughout the entire Mamodo fight. A small horse Mamodo who acts like a dog and bleats like a sheep, he comes from a long line of horse Mamodo who assist others by letting other Mamodo ride on their back.