Who is Bobby Brantley wife?

Who is Bobby Brantley wife?

Anita Grissom BrantleyBobby Brantley / Wife (m. 2011)

Did Bobby and Cassie get married?

Bobby & Cassie’s wedding day at the Guthrie Theater was a beautiful day. They had their ceremony and reception at the Guthrie Theater. Prior to the ceremony they were able to go have pictures taken around Minneapolis.

Is Lizard Lick Towing still in business 2021?

Ron Shirley and his family and co-workers were the focus of a reality TV series back in 2011.

Who is Bobby on Lizard Lick Towing?

In 10 years, the company grew to 15 staff members and a fleet of 20 trucks. Bobby Brantley is Ron’s friend and longtime co-worker, who started out as a dissatisfied customer after Ron towed his truck, then began working at Lizard Lick to pay off his debt. Ron and Amy originally were going to be part of Wife Swap.

Where is Amy Shirley?

Amy Shirley, 41, is known as the co-manager of Lizard Lick Towing, stationed in North Carolina. She is also a power-lifter and mortician.

Did Lizard Lick Towing get Cancelled?

The series was canceled at the end of the fourth season.

Does Ron and Amy still own Lizard Lick Towing?

Shirley and his wife, Amy, own Lizard Lick Towing and starred in a truTV reality show based on their family business from 2011 to 2014.

Did Lizard Lick son get killed?

In a Feb. 18 post on Facebook, Ronnie Shirley confirmed that his son Harley was fatally shot in Garner, North Carolina, late Thursday. Shirley and his wife, Amy, own Lizard Lick Towing and starred in a truTV reality show based on their family business from 2011 to 2014.

How many biological kids does Amy Shirley have?

Amy Shirley was born on May 4, 1980 in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. She is known for Lizard Lick Towing (2011), Ronnie’s Redneck Road Trip (2017) and All Worked Up (2009). She is married to Ron Shirley. They have three children.

How many kids does Lizard Lick have?

Ronnie Shirley, 49, is a reality star with his own family towing company. He is married to Amy Shirley, 41. The pair have four children. The Shirley family starred in the truTV reality show, Lizard Lick Towing which highlighted their Lizard Lick Towing business.

Is Ron Shirley still married?

Ronnie Shirley, 49, is a reality star and husband of Amy. The pair have four children together.

Is Touie dead StartUp?

At the start of the second season’s fifth episode, “Pivot,” we verify that, yes, Touie did indeed die during the thrilling conclusion of “Loss,” marking the third family member (along with Izzy’s sister and, at the end of episode two this season, “Bleeding Edge,” Nick’s father Andy Talman) to transpire during the …

How many kids does Bobby Brantley have?

Bobby Brantley and his youngest son, Jon-William Nash Brantley on 11 April 2018 (Photo: Instagram) Bobby welcomed his fifth, Melaine’s first child, a son named Jon-William Nash on 22 January 2016. Unfolding His Relationship History!

Is Bobby Brantley dead or Alive?

He survived the near-death encounter and came out alive and victorious. Bobby Brantley celebrates his birthday on 26 September. He was born in 1969 in North Carolina, the United States, as per wiki. He stands at a height of 1.95 m (6’ 5”) and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Is Chris Brantley married to a wife?

As for his fourth marriage, he was married to Anita Grissom Brantley somewhere in 2011. He and Anita were together for a year before calling it quits. Through Facebook, he asked for an apology to his now ex-wife and took the blame for the divorce.