Who is Lucius in Julius Caesar?

Who is Lucius in Julius Caesar?

Lucius is Brutus’s young servant. He finds one of the anonymous letters left to spur Brutus on in his master’s study, and is confused when Portia sends him to look at Brutus arriving at the Capitol without having any message to send or receive. He follows Brutus to the wars, caring for him and also serving as a guard.

Why does Antony say he will not read Caesar’s will?

What reason does Antony give for why he cannot read Caesar’s will? Antony says that the will will anger the crowd, and it is not proper to know how Caesar loved his citizens. Antony fears that he has overstepped the boundaries and wronged the conspirators by mentioning the will.

What restrictions does Brutus place on Antony when he allows him to speak at the funeral?

Brutus instructs Antony to speak well of the conspirators: “You shall not in your funeral speech blame us, / But speak all good you can devise of Caesar, / And say you do ‘t by our permission.” Cassius strongly objects to this plan, pointing out that there’s no way to know “how much the people may be moved / By that …

How does Antony really feel about Caesar’s death?

Answer: In act 3, scene 2 of Julius Caesar what Antony feel about Caesar’s death is that He is upset and wants the killers to pay for their crime….

How did you feel when Caesar chose not to read artemidorus letter?

How did you feel when Caesar chose not to read Artemidorus’ letter? I knew he would die, and that was frustrating because his death could’ve been prevented. He didn’t kill Caesar out of hatred, he was doing what he thought was best from Rome.

Who is Cassius loyal to?


Why does Portia send Lucius to Brutus?

Portia and Lucius enter the street in front of Brutus’ house, where Portia is extremely excited. Portia sends Lucius to give her greetings to Brutus and to tell him that she is in good spirits, and then to report back immediately to her.

What does Antony say at Caesar’s funeral?

Speech: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

Why does Titinius stab himself?

what does Titinius end up doing? why? he kills himself because he is upset about Cassius killing himself because Cassius thought he was dead.

Why is Portia concerned for her husband?

Portia is upset with Brutus because he has not been telling her what he is involved in. Portia was a strong woman, and not the most mentally stable. She was aware that Brutus was up to something, and was unhappy with him because he would not tell her what it was.

Why did Caesar not read letters?

What reason does Caesar give for not reading artemidorus’ letter? He says that since it pertains to himself he cannot read it because all he cares about is rome. What is Trebonius’ role in the conspiracy? To distract Antony.

What does Portia want of Lucius?

She does know something, and she’s not saying what. Finally Portia tells Lucius to tell Brutus that she’s “merry,” and that she’d like Lucius to bring back news of Brutus.

Why is Portia so upset at the end of the scene?

Why is Portia so nervous and upset? Because she knows the plan of Brutus, and she’s worry about him. Portia wants Lucius to go to the capital and then come back, because she says Brutus is “sick”, and she wants Lucius to check what’s going on with Caesar.

Why is Portia upset and what is she wanting her husband to tell her?

Why is Portia upset and what does Brutus do? Portia wants to know Caesar’s secret since he is her husband. He has been acting weirdly. She stabs herself to show him that she can handle it.

What does artemidorus letter say?

In this scene, Artemidorus reads a letter that he has written to Caesar to warn him of the plot against Caesar’s life. The letter warns Caesar that all of the friends and supporters he thinks he has are actually conspiring against him and are planning to kill him.