Who is Mariner outboard made by?

Who is Mariner outboard made by?

At present, Mercury product brands include Mercury, Mercury Racing, MerCruiser, and Mariner outboards (sold outside the U.S.). Outboard sizes range from 2.5 horsepower (1.9 kW) to 600 horsepower (450 kW).

What year is my Mariner outboard by serial number?

Locate the serial number plate by looking on your motor’s transom bracket; the plate will have “Mercury Marine” written on the top. The serial number is the top number on the plate. The number directly beneath this is the year it was manufactured.

Are Yamaha and Mariner outboards the same?

Under the joint venture, Yamaha and Brunswick owned equal shares in a Yamaha subsidiary, Sanshin Kogyo Company, manufacturer of outboard motors. The subsidiary sold all its outboards to Yamaha, which in turn sold the motors to Brunswick, which then marketed the motors under the Mariner name.

Are Mercury and Evinrude the same company?

BRP owns Evinrude along with boat manufacturers Alumacraft and Manitou. It will now buy engines for these brands from former competitor Mercury Marine.

Where is the model number on a Mariner?

Model Number and Serial Number These numbers are located on the transom bracket of the motor.

When did Mercury stop making 2-stroke outboards?

Mercury actually quit building all of its traditional two-strokes, from 2.5 hp to 200 hp, following the 2005 model year.

Is Mercury owned by Yamaha?

Mercury Marine is owned by Brunswick Co., an Illinois-based maker of powerboats. The companies said they are developing the four-stroke engines because they burn more cleanly than the two-stroke engines that power most outboards.

What problems do Mercury Mariners have?

Power Steering Failure is the most common issue of the Mercury Mariner. Many owners have reported that their power steering assist would suddenly stop working. Several owners have reported that their steering wheel would suddenly tense up, leading to them narrowly avoiding accidents.

How can I tell the year of my Mercury outboard?

Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket area of the engine. The latest serial number labels display a 2-digit number in a box at the lower right portion of the label. These digits coincide with the last two digits of the year in which the outboard was manufactured.