Who is Plan B the singer?

Who is Plan B the singer?

Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew
Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew, better known by his stage name Plan B, is an English rapper, singer and film-maker. He first emerged as a rapper, releasing his debut album, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, in 2006.

Who is Plan B reggaeton?

Plan B was a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, consisting of Chencho and Maldy, who are co-working cousins. In 2002 they rose to fame and released their first studio album, El Mundo del Plan B: Los Que la Montan.

Is Vicky McClure in the Plan B video?

The music video for “She Said” was directed by Daniel Wolfe and shows the soul singer Strickland Banks, played by Plan B, in court following the events of the “Stay Too Long” video. The video also stars actress Vicky McClure as Strickland Banks’ girlfriend and Kaya Scodelario as the female lead.

Who plays Kyle on Plan B?

“Plan B” stars Edi Patterson and Kuhoo Verma in its central roles, but they’re surrounded by a bevy of other young actors, including Mason Cook. Cook, who plays Kyle in the movie, may be a familiar face to some who have been watching TV for the past decade.

Where is Vicky Mcclure from?

Wollaton, Nottingham, United KingdomVicky McClure / Place of birth

Was this is England improvised?

There is a lot of improvisation, then; in the film and first TV series this sometimes led to overly talky scenes, with everyone in the group trying to chip in, make their mark. As the series have progressed, though, the actors have become less manic, more aware of who should be talking, where the emotion lies.

Who plays Tom’s girlfriend on Parks and Recreation?

Natalie Morales
Natalie Morales (actress)

Where was Plan B the movie filmed?

The movie is set in South Dakota but was filmed entirely in the Syracuse area last fall, including at the former A.V. Zogg Middle School in Liverpool (now Syracuse Studios), the Main Street Pharmacy in Marcellus, Onondaga Lake Parkway, and the Hilltop Restaurant and Cedar House Bowling Center in Skaneateles.

Did Plan B split up?

“With the duo, we created so many dreams together,” he says. “Now I feel happy to have a new beginning.” For 18 years he was one half of the popular duo Plan B, but now Maldy is venturing out as a solo artist.

What is Plan B’s real name?

Benjamin Paul Ballance-DrewPlan B / Full name

Is Vicki McClure married?

McClure lives in Nottingham with Welsh director Jonny Owen. On 28 December 2017, they announced their engagement.

How old is Vicky MC?

39 years (May 8, 1983)Vicky McClure / Age

Do Woody and Lol get married?

Lol then starts to have an affair with Milky, which ends and Milky convinces Woody at the end of the series to finally marry Lol, which does not go ahead due to Lol’s father’s death.