Who is the couple in the Cheetos commercial?

Who is the couple in the Cheetos commercial?

Ashton Kutcher and spouse Mila Kunis featured in Cheetos Super Bowl ad. It might not have seemed likely early in the pandemic, but the 55th Super Bowl Sunday is upon us yet again.

Who does the Cheetos thing commercial?

According to iSpot.tv, the tune playing during the commercial is Bad Bunny’s November 2020 single, “Yo Visto Así,” which peaked at No. 6 on the Latin Digital Song Sales and No. 5 on the US Hot Latin Songs charts, according to Billboard.

Who is in the Cheetos commercial 2022?

The 2022 Super Bowl commercials were full of A-list celebrities, from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Selma Hayek to Jason Sudeikis, Eugene Levy, Dolly Parton, and Anna Kendrick.

Who is the lady in the new Doritos commercial?

1, fans wondering who exactly is in Doritos’ and Cheetos’ Flamin’ Hot Super Bowl 2022 commercial got their answer: Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth star in the spot — but you might not recognize them right away.

Is Mila Kunis still married?

It’s a real-life Hollywood fairytale: after playing a couple on-screen as Kelso and Jackie in That 70’s Show, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis reconnected years after the show went off the air and are now happily married with two little ones.

Who is the black guy in the Cheetos commercial with Ashton Kutcher?

7. Throughout the commercial — which also features reggae musician Shaggy — Kutcher catches Kunis stealing his snacks.

Was Megan a stallion at the Super Bowl?

Following her performance, Megan Thee Stallion was also spotted at the 2022 Super Bowl, which took place in Los Angeles on February 13.

Who is the dark haired Girl in the Cheetos commercial?

Montserrat born actress Dionne Audain appeared alongside rap star Megan Thee Stallion in a new Cheetos and Doritos ad campaign. In the ad titled “Questions”, she plays a security officer who is questioning the Grammy Award-winning “Hot Girl Summer” rapper about her allergies to animals such as cats, dogs and sloths.

Who is the black Girl in the Doritos commercial?

Ali Landry
Born Ali Germaine Landry July 21, 1973 Cecilia, Louisiana, U.S.
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Spouse(s) Mario Lopez ​ ​ ( m. 2004; ann. 2004)​ Alejandro Gómez Monteverde ​ ​ ( m. 2006)​
Children 3

What does Shaggy say in the Cheetos commercial?

It wasn’t me.
Throughout the ad, Kutcher catches his wife going behind his back to snack on his Crunch Pop Mix. She continually tries to deny her thievery with Shaggy’s famous lyric, “It wasn’t me.”